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These are unsolicited comments that have been e-mailed to us from some of our previous guests (edited only for spelling and/or to protect our guests’ privacy) and published with their permission. You can also check out several other reviews from our happy previous guests on TripAdvisor, where we are "Recommended on TripAdvisor" with all 6 reviewers giving us 5-star ratings. 


July 12, 2019

Hello. We were very happy with our tour guide, Jasmine and our driver, Mr. Gu. They were both very nice and we loved our tours. Thank you for setting up our travel to Xi’an and we were very happy with our tour guide and driver there also.

Many thanks,

Diana L. (USA)


November 3, 2018

Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to let you know that our group had a great day with Happy in Dalian.

She was a great guide, very friendly and engaging.

She shared a lot of information with us and asked us questions about our country.

Happy kept us moving at a lively pace but was flexible enough to give us some more time when we needed to do some shopping. 

We loved Dalian and thought it was a beautiful city. Happy's enthusiasm made it even more so!

Thank you Jeff for making the booking and planning process so easy!


Esther (USA)

{Esther was the leader of a group of 14 people from the USA and Canada that toured Dalian with us on a cruise ship stopover at Dalian Port.}


June 6, 2017
Hi Jeff,
Just wanted to send a thank you for our great trip on Sunday. We really enjoyed the unrestored Simatai section of the Wall! Very different from my experience at Mutyianyu. We loved the rickshaw ride through the hutong as well and the guide that met us there was fantastic and explained all about the history of the hutongs and the style of the house.
We truly had a wonderful day!
Thanks so much for everything.

Tracy and Ray (Canada/Beijing)


April 24, 2017
I just wanted to say thank you for the service today. I had a great day with Leo and the day trip was exactly what I wanted. He did an excellent job of balancing good info on the sites we visited but leaving me alone enough to explore on my own too.
I didn't want to come this far to China and not squeeze in a bit of Xian. Thanks again. You and your team provide a very nice service. Keep up the good work.

Bryan (USA)


March 20, 2017
Wanted to drop a quick note to say how amazing my guide was.
Talkative and very knowledgeable
Best guide I have ever had.

Chris Osmon (USA)


October 21, 2016

Jeff -

I just wanted to express how pleased we were with our trip to Beijing. Everything exceeded our expectations and we will gladly recommend you to others. We especially enjoyed Alan on our first day, he was especially helpful.

Thank you-

Valerie (USA)


March 27. 2016

Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much for all of your help. I am going to recommend you and your company to my friends when they travel to China. We did not see enough!

Thanks to both you and Andy for all of your help.

My sincerest thanks.


Fran Funtleyder (USA)


March 20, 2016

Hi Jeff

Many thanks for providing us with a great one day tour of Shanghai. Very enjoyable and excellent guide Tom and driver Gin. They were most helpful, friendly and gave us a wonderful day.

Best wishes

Garry and Jenny (Australia)


February 15, 2016

Dear Jeff, I would like to thank you for your services.

We enjoyed our time in Beijing, (now I’m back to work).

We really appreciated the tour, Andy is a great guide, very professional!

If I’ll come back I will contact you, for sure.


Andrea (Italy)


September 20, 2015

Dear Jeff
I would like to say how much my sister and I enjoyed our holiday in China. All the places of interest that we visited were magnificent. The Great Wall, the Yangtze River Cruise, all the various monuments and other places of interest were magnificent. Our tour guides and drivers were excellent and come highly recommended. Our last tour guide Susan Yu was exceptional. Our one disappointment was the Days Airport Hotel - the standard was not 4 star. However we have very pleasant memories of our stay in China and already some of my friends are asking for the details of your tour company which I am delighted to pass on to as many people who would like to have it. Best wishes to you and your company. Keep up the good work. Gillian (U.K.)


April 26, 2015


Just a quick note as we are about to leave for the cruise. Everything was excellent - the guides, the sights, the weather. Thanks for everything. We will put an excellent review on trip advisor, frommers, etc. when we get home.

Mike, Pat, Denise, Maryann (U.S.A.)


April 16, 2015

Hi Jeff and Andy,

I just published the review of our wonderful trip and great tours with Andy. It is at

Mike (U.S.A)

(Editor’s note: Mr. Preisman has an absolutely fantastic cruise & travel blog filled with very detailed descriptions and beautiful pictures of all of his many journeys around the world.

His review of our services can be found on the following web page:


April 5, 2015

Jeff and Andy,

Thank you for the great tours you arranged with Mike Preisman. Everything went very smoothly and we saw so many wonderful sights.

A very large thank you to Andy for arranging for a rental wheelchair for Doug, pushing that chair so many times and for buying the great chair for us before we left Beijing. Thanks Andy. You went above and beyond. We so appreciated it!

Regards, Cherie (U.S.A.)

June 23, 2014



Thank you for arranging a wonderful trip. I really enjoyed my stay & am delighted with the professional & quality service provided from start to finish.

Your guides & drivers are excellent (: I will recommend you to anyone travelling to China.

The local knowledge of the area was also excellent including directions and recommendations re things to do after the tour along with shopping and dining information. The restaurant recommendations were excellent.

Andy let me know what that amazing flower & bean starter dish is called?

Many Thanks & Best Regards

Suzanne (U.S.A)


March 18, 2014

Hello Jeff,

I'm more than happy to give you feedback from me and my wife.

The sites were very well-chosen, I don't think we missed anything on the top of anyone's list.

Allen did an excellent job as a tour guide, he appeared to know a lot about the sites that we visited and somehow he always got us into the shortest lines or no lines at all. This was particularly true at Tiananmen Square where we seemed to breeze through security. (Allen should work on his pronunciation a bit, in particular the pronunciation of consonants; some members of our group had difficulty understanding him.)

We greatly appreciated the adjustment to the schedule on Monday, the first day when the Forbidden City was "closed" due to visiting dignitaries and we quickly went to the Summer Palace, which was on the Wednesday agenda. Don't know who made the quick adjustment or call but it worked out well.

I didn't get the sense of things getting a bit hectic at times.

In the context of candid feedback, a couple of observations:

1. We had a couple of "slow movers" in the group plus what I would call "photo op wanderers" (me included). There were times when by the time everyone caught up with the group, Allen was halfway into his description. For those of us who wander, that's our fault if we miss information. For the "slow movers", it might be good for the tour guide to wait the minute or two until they catch up to the group.

2. While we don't know China policies, the driver the first day used his cell phone, answering calls while driving the bus. We are sensitized in the US about the dangers of driving and talking on a cell phone (unless hands-free) and texting, and his actions upset a few people.

You've probably heard this from others in the group, but there was confusion about the dinner in the hutong of Mr. Wong. We were expecting dinner at a local restaurant for a traditional jiaozi/dumpling dinner, not a dumpling dinner at a local family's home. Nonetheless, Mr. Wong's cooking was excellent, he was a very gracious host, and it was a very interesting experience. {Editor’s note - this was a mistake on the part of our company - we had promised dinner in a local restaurant - so we refunded money to each couple for the mistake}

On the last day, Andy took us to the zoo and the airport - he also did an excellent job but how do you tell that to the boss? ;-)

All of the pre-visit correspondence with you was excellent, timely, and well-understood (except for the dinner issue). Responses were prompt, It was easy to make payments when needed and confirmation was prompt. Well done, thanks!

We did enjoy our time with you and I would recommend Beijing Discovery Tours without hesitation.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have questions.

 Best, Frank (U.S.A.)

{Editor’s note - We had asked Frank to give us his candid feedback and he was gracious enough to give us his very thoughtful and detailed comments. We have used his comments to improve our training and services, and we greatly appreciate his candor with us. We are always trying to get better and feedback like this helps us tremendously!


March 11, 2014

Hello Jeff,

We enjoyed our tours very much. Our guides Sally and Angela (Wei) were both excellent. The drivers were also good, we did have a couple of instances where they did not pick us up at the time instructed, but we understand that can happen. Thank you for your prompt service we enjoyed it very much.

Angela Fischer (U.S.A.)


March 8, 2014


I have engaged many tour companies in my group travels but your company is the best. Many companies deliver a good product. But, superior companies show themselves when things do not work out as planned. I was so impressed by your flexibility in adding additional participants and accommodating with suggestions to make a better itinerary and then when disaster struck, you adapted and met our needs. Our group was traveling on the Azamara Journey (Feb 17, 2014 cruise Hong Kong to Shanghai) and the ship suffered propeller damage and the itinerary had to be altered. You were amazing in adapting to help us so that we could still have our shore excursion and airport drop off in Shanghai. The guide, Jocelyn, was terrific and was responsive to our requests and input. I would say it was the best day of our cruise trip, in terms of excursions. I cannot recommend you and your company more highly. You are professional and ethical and that means a lot in this industry. I look forward to future China trips and will always seek your company first because you are the best.

Kind regards, Patrick Mulcahy (U.S.A.)


March 6, 2014

Our 3 night and 4 day Beijing Tour with Beijing Discovery Tours was the absolute highlight of our 3 week Asian tour. Owner Jeff and his business partner Andy were fantastic to work with. Jeff helped us create the most amazing itinerary and he always responded to my emails immediately and no question was too mundane. He looked after all the small details such as arranging all our transfers, trains, flights and hotels so that everything ran as smooth as silk. The one snag one of our couples had with the train was solved promptly by Andy. We were fortunate enough to have Andy as our tour guide and he was very knowledgeable about all the sites that we visited as well as the history of the country. Since all our lunches were included Andy did all the ordering of the various dishes which allowed us to taste a variety of different cuisine and since he always joined us for the meals he was able to explain as each dish arrived at the table. He did the same with our dumpling dinner. Jeff and Andy arranged for us to visit the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu which was amazing. Andy did not just wait for us at the bottom of the stairs, he actually climbed up with us and explained what we were seeing. There were no forced shopping stops, in fact we had to request a stop at a jade factory and Andy made sure that we were buying authentic jade and helped negotiate the prices. We would recommend Beijing Discovery Tours as the number one tour company for the ultimate personal service. Thank you Jeff and Andy for the trip of a lifetime.

Susan Neely (Canada)


February 15, 2014 
Hello Jeff,
Thanks for arranging the great tour. Robin was a great tour guide. Wiley and I enjoyed seeing China's treasures. We will use you again and will tell people in our office about your service. Thanks and again and take care.
Jim Tompkins (U.S.A.)


January 28, 2014
Hi Jeff and Andy,
My aim this year was to have an awesome birthday, a memory that will last for a lifetime and was different than anything I did before, it would have not been possible without you guys and I want to thank you, I had a great time and everything was delivered as promised.
I will definitely recommend you.
Lissarette V. (U.S.A./China)


October 2, 2014
Hello Jeff,
I wanted to thank you and your staff for a great day today. It was an excellent tour and personal experience for me.
I also want to tell you that the tour guide Wang Li Pei was beyond excellent. She was very professional, her English was perfect, she was very knowledgeable, and personal. Her character allowed me to relax and enjoy the entire tour. I was further impressed with her way around all the areas we went to and her knowledge of my overall experience. And the lunch was also excellent.
I would also like to tell you that my driver was also very professional, on time, and truly the best I could have asked for.
Overall, my experience was excellent, and I will recommend your tour company to many I meet in my travels. And I will definitely contact you for my future tour plans. One area I would like to visit in the future is Tibet and there are others. I will stay in touch and let you know when I am ready.
Again thank you for your excellent service.
Jose (New York, U.S.A)


July 15, 2014
Hi Jeff,
Thank you very much for tour to Suzhou and Zhouzhuang, it was very nice.
Best regards
Algis (Lithuania)
{Editor’s note: When we contacted Algis to ask his permission to publish his comments, he responded:}
Of course Jeff, you can. Even you can add that our family was happy to use your services during last tours to several other places in China. And Andy has helped me to save a Swiss knife during boarding to airflight, that help I’ll never forget.
Best regards


July 2, 2014
My friends and I just really wanted to thank you guys for everything!
We really enjoyed our tour and our guide was so knowledgeable, kind and caring.
Thanks again for the wonderful experience!
Morgan, Caitlin and Cody. (Canada)


June 15, 2014
Just wanted to say thank you for the great tour of the Terracotta warriors. Linda was great and very accommodating. She really took the time to ensure we saw everything we wanted to see and was very knowledgeable.
Thanks again for accommodating all our changes in schedule.
Carlos da Gama (Canada)


May 22, 2014
I’m a little late in replying but wanted you to know that the set up with your company with tours and airport pickup was the best money we spent in China. We could not requested a better tour guide than Andy - he was great and we had a lot of fun. Having a driver (Jackie) come and pick us up everywhere was the best.
Thanks for a wonderful experience.
Best regards
Gloria Shelley (U.S.A.)


April 22, 2014
Hi Jeff,
Just completed our tour with Cassie. Wanted to let you know that she is an exceptional tour guide, very knowledgable, great sense of humor and very relaxed. We really appreciated all the ideas Cassie offered to help us really experience the real China. A highlight for us was the dinner at a local house, where we met a man who is a Kung Fu teacher. Our children haven't stopped talking about it. In truth everything was a highlight! I have learned so much about China from Cassie. Would you believe she even taught us some Chinese language. The hotel you selected was perfect, really beautiful and spacious. Our driver was very good at finding ways around traffic too. This has been such a wonderful experience. All of us love China and want to return. When we do, we will use your company again and also if possible, request Cassie....she made everything so easy and fun! Both Cassie and the driver worked very hard and late. Please let them know we really appreciate it. I also took some photos of Cassie with our children and was hoping you could pass them on. I can't attach them on the boat's computer but am hoping to send them to you when we return. Hope this is okay.
Many, Many Thanks for your terrific organization. Hope to return to China soon!
Jo (U.S.A.)


November 26, 2012
We have just used Beijing Discovery Tours during a three week tour of China and they have been excellent. I would thoroughly recommend them. They organised all of our internal flights and trains, private transfers, hotels, tour guides and drivers. I found Jeff, the owner to be incredibly helpful. He answered all our questions and always responded quickly. With his help we were able to tailor an itinerary that suited our wishes and our budget. Nothing was too much trouble, even when we needed to rearrange some of our planned itinerary at short notice. The local guides provided were always courteous, professional and helpful. As a result we had an amazing trip.
Linda & Craig, Warrington, UK

November 18, 2012
Fantastic trip, Sue and I enjoyed it very much. Sally You was great and very knowledgeable. Please pass on our thanks to all.
Chris Lattimore (France/U.K.)
November 12, 2012
Wanted to let you know that the Tour was great. Robin did a great job of guiding us. I know I will be bringing others to Beijing in future and will keep your information.
Thank you
(Virginia H., U.S.A.)
September 1, 2012
Thank you for the work you did to arrange our trip to China. It was a memorable trip and we enjoyed it very much. We were especially thankful for the guides and drivers which made the trip so much easier. All of the guides were very good and knew their cities. Special kudos to Wei Wei in Xi'an who had to wait at the airport until 2:30 a.m. due to a 5 hour flight delay. She also was very helpful when the driver got into an accident and got us out of the middle of a very busy road and found us a way back to the hotel. My husband was sick that day as well and she was especially helpful finding medicine. Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime.
Cathy Brait (U.S.A.)
August 31, 2012
We travelled to Beijing on the 25th August for 8 days from London, we had done some research and part of the planning was to see a few marquee sites including the terracotta army. Now with limited knowledge of China we assumed terracotta army was just down the road and we can pick a tour on the way as we did with everything else.
Once we actually did some research we found to our dismay it’s a 12hr train ride or an internal flight of 2hrs to Xi’an and with no knowledge of China even if we got to Xi’an by plane/train we would not know how or where to go.
We asked locally but with no joy. I tell you this background so you can put this into context as to the level of service you will get and what we experienced. Thanks to the wonders of the web, modern technology and the iphone we surfed around the web and for no particular reason clicked on Beijing discovery tours. We contacted the company via e-mail on Tuesday 28th August whilst on the move. We both assumed with time zone differences etc and the fact that we were due to leave on sat this was a lost cause but we thought will at least give it a shot and say we tried.
Immediately Jeff who works for Beijing Discovery Tours contacted us by e-mail gave us a few options and a price. After a bit of date juggling we decided by weds that we will have to do this on the Friday. Jeff informed us exactly what information he needed monies to be paid, where and when. Also what hotel we were based at.
As I was out and about I could only give him part information but through their extensive local knowledge he knew exactly where we were staying. We paid 50% upfront to for Jeff to book flights and make arrangements. If you have paypal account it should work but not all cards work outside their country zone on the web so you may have to scramble round to find other methods to pay.
One of our cards worked the other did not so we paid the 50% online the rest in cash on arrival.
The general overview is as follows
The itinerary was e-mailed to us for 5.30am start and a finish for around 11.30pm. What was surprising and what you will experience is level of service a VIP will expect. Taxi picks you up at 5.30 and drops you off at Beijing airport, the guide meets you at Xi’an takes you to the sites drops you back in time for your flight. At the other end late at night you are picked up and dropped off at your hotel. You really have nothing else to worry about and this was a great peace of mind for us especially we were really on unfamiliar territory. This takes of the worry out of making your way back so late at night or even at any time just knowing all is taken care off.
To be even more specific
The guide was great friendly and very knowledgeable and hospitable. Gave us a great sense of perspective about the sites, the history, truly a world class guide we could not fault her. She communicated well and in fact she was educated to degree level in English just to inform you of the calibre of the guide we experienced, oh yes we did find a fault - she did not help us add to our very limited mandarin but that may be the teacher in me saying ha!! “room for improvement”! ;)
Would I use Beijing Discovery Tours again yes!!!, would I recommend Beijing Discovery Tours to anyone I know yes!!
The reasons are as follows
Demonstrated they are responsive and adaptable to customer needs
Demonstrated Good clarity of communication
Demonstrated Integrity you get exactly what they promise
Excellent calibre of guide who is knowledgeable and a great host
Peace of mind I know exactly what I am paying for.
Demonstrated excellent local knowledge
Again just to surprise you a bit more all this achieved over e-mails on my iphone, which started with a query on the Tuesday and the trip actually taken place on the Friday, and all done through electronic media.
Foday Kajue (U.K.)
August 21, 2012
We had a GREAT trip! Andy and Wei Wei were awesome tour guides. Thanks for all your help. We will be happy to recommend your company to friends.
Blake Andersen (U.S.A.)
August 15, 2012
Hi Jeff,
We are back home to Houston, Texas. We want to thank you so much for the very knowledgeable tour guides that you provided us including the drivers, hotel accommodation, and lunches. We appreciate your efforts in being able to customize our single day visit to Xi'an and Shanghai. We could never have done it on our own. We were very impressed with the sites that you planned for us in such a short trip and the perfect scheduling as well. We enjoyed having experienced the speed train from Shanghai to Beijing.
Thanks again for everything.
Best regards, Gerrie Teddy and friends (U.S.A.)
July 21, 2012
Thank you for arranging our faultless wonderful tour of China. We were a little "worried" about touring China but all reservations were soon put to rest by Andy when we arrived in Beijing. Andy's professional yet friendly approach allowed us to really enjoy the treasures of Beijing. The rest of the your suggestions and arrangements (flights/trains/hotels and tours) were faultless and thoroughly enjoyable. I think in the time frame we had we saw a very diverse amount of China. All the guides were always on time and there to pick us up (even when flights were delayed) as well as being very interested in the tours they gave us. Please pass along our thanks and hopefully we will find the time (and budget) to visit "inner" China with your guidance.
Terry and Kelvin Milne. (South Africa)
July 18, 2012
Hi Jeff,
The 2-day tour we booked with you in June was wonderful and we had a fabulous time visiting all the main sites in Beijing as well as the Great Wall of China. Our guide Andy was very friendly and knowledgeable, which really made the experience unforgettable as we also learnt so much about China. Finally, the level of service, food, accommodation and transport were of a high level and the overall itinerary was perfect. We really enjoyed our time in China and cannot wait to come back again! We will definitely recommend your services to our friends and family as we were completely satisfied with our experience. Thanks again!
Nathalie (U.K.)
June 23, 2012
Dear Jeff,
We came back yesterday, everything went very well. We will recommend your tour to all our friends and relatives. I will send you some suggestions. I will write a review on your website. Convey our thanks to all team members.
With best wishes and warm regards,
Dr. Jolly (India/Malaysia)
June 13, 2012
Hello Jeff !
Now that we are back in Austria (the guides all thought we are AUSTRALIANs) and looking the photos we made - I thought I write you and giving a warm THANK you - to you and team
For the very good service we enjoyed.
We had 4 different guides in style more or less outspoken and communicative. Good drivers, although the style to drive in China as such is for Europeans always good for some shocks.
Though after some time, everyone get used to it and everyone felt safe and well.
I will write a guest comment at your web site soon.
Will recommend your companies service !
Many thanks
Anton Schlachter (Austria)
May 21, 2012
Hi Jeff,
Sorry that I have written sooner to thank you (and your tour guides) for a great trip to China. Our family thought Angela was wonderful and my daughters were happy to have a woman tour guide. We truly enjoyed all the sights in Beijing - our favorites were the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. We enjoyed the hot-pot and duck dinners too. Angela was so pleasant and knowledgeable! I hope we tipped her enough!!
We were disappointed that the pool in the Bird's Nest was drained and a stage was being set up for a concert - but that is beyond your control of course! In retrospect, we wish we had spent more time at the Wall instead of touring the insides of the Olympic arenas.
Xi'an was nice too - a busy day, but we knew that going in ... we thought the restaurants were only fair that day.
We did have an issue with our hotel at check-in. We had switched to the Holiday Inn in order to have adjoining rooms (extremely important with 2 young girls - age 8 and 11). When we arrived, they told us we could not have rooms that connected. Angela was extremely efficient in dealing with the managers - they offered us a huge suite, 2 bedroom 2 bathroom, kitchen, living space. The size of the room was fantastic, but it clearly hadn't been used in a while and lacked a clean, fresh feeling. We decided to stick it out - it was adequate and not worth moving, but we did wonder if the other "regular" hotel rooms were newer and fresher.
Overall, we were impressed with the promptness & courteousness of the drivers & guides. Everything went very smoothly and we had no issues with our tours or tour guides. We were extremely happy that we chose to have our own tour guides as opposed to a group tour. We would be more than happy to recommend your company to anyone we know going to China.
Take care and we hope to visit your beautiful country again some day!
The Galvin Family (U.S.A.)
Beijing Discovery Tours Guest Comments

May 16, 2012

Hi Jeff, just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Beijing. Angela and the driver, I'm so sorry that his name is escaping me right now, were amazing. My mom and I had just come off a bus tour in Japan and having a back to back comparison of a big bus tour and a small private tour, I don't think I could do anything but a private tour from now on. A huge thanks to Angela for her suggestions of the couple of extra places we went, they ended up being some of the tour highlights. Thanks again and you can be sure that I will pass along your information to any of my friends that are looking to tour the great country of China.  

Tammy Byrka (Canada)


Beijing Discovery Tours Guest Comments

May 3, 2012

Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had in Beijing and Dalian. The Great Wall was fantastic and Andy was a great guide!!

Dalian was a pleasant surprise as we had no idea what a large modern city it is. Our tour was fabulous and our guide, Celine was great.

 Joyce (U.S.A.)


May 1, 2012

I just returned home from my outing today with Karen. She is fabulous. She was so hospitable and understanding of my wants and needs. She went out of her way to make this trip the best it could be and she did not disappoint.
Please send her my regards and compliments as she made my stay in Beijing, while short, entirely memorable.
Thanks again for this service, I will recommend you to anyone I know visiting this part of the world.
Kevin (U.S.A.)
April 28, 2012
Hi Jeff,
We are one couple in {name omitted for privacy}’s group, and would like to comment on the guide provided us in Beijing.
Angela did a most excellent job of taking care of a rather disparate group of 10. We found her professional, knowledgeable, humourous, and kind. Any challenge she faced she dealt with in the best way possible, and kept us all happy.
We would highly recommend both your company and Angela in particular. Thanks to you both, we had a wonderful time and learned a great deal about China.
Many thanks,
Al and Lynn Cary (Canada)
March 27, 2012
Dear Jeff,
We had to let you know that our trip was absolutely perfect and worry-free! We enjoyed our tour guides, Linda and Andy, so much! They were so knowledgeable and easily answered all of our questions.
We must not forget how wonderful our drivers were, as well. We were amazed on how they easily moved through the traffic that seemed to be everywhere!
The tour, as you planned, covered everything we wanted to see in our short visit. In addition, we must add that we feel we received exceptional value for our money.
The hotels were excellent and we enjoyed our stays in each.
Because of some concerns written in other notes, we must add that in every public restroom we went into, there was a €”handicapped” stall with a regular toilet in it. We would hope that the bathroom concerns would not prevent others from taking such an amazing trip.
We cannot thank you enough for our incredible whirlwind tour!!
Barbara and Carol Swanson (Missouri, U.S.A.)
{Editor’s note: When we asked Barbara and Carol if we could use their comments on this web page, they responded with the following e-mail - such wonderful people!}
Hi Jeff!
We have recuperated from jet lag, we are enjoying our tea we bought in Xi'an while wearing our pearls from the Pearl Market and we are sharing all the experiences we had with everyone who will listen to us!
Please share our comments....we want everyone to have the same wonderful experience we had with your tour company!
Thank you again so very, very much!
Barbara Swanson
March 22, 2012
Jeff, just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you that Jocelyn and Angela were fantastic. We had an incredible time with both of them. We enjoyed every minute of our trip, and everything went very well. And thank you so much for the gorgeous snow decorating Beijing - it was an added bonus (did you plan that for us?) Please let me know how I can leave feedback for you on any websites that link to your company. I would like others to know what fine service you provide.
Lynn Grant (California, U.S.A)

Beijing Discovery Tours Guest Comments

March 10, 2012

Dear Jeff, as promised am attaching a few snaps for Andy, we had such a great time in China with thanks to your help with our tours. Have passed your details to a couple of friends who having seen our pictures are interested in visiting China. Have also posted a review on Tripadvisor of the Westin Chaoyang where I mentioned your company.

Will be in touch if and when we do another trip to China.

Best regards

Frances & Michel Demoulin (U.K.)

March 6, 2012
Hello Jeff
We returned home this morning. In spite of the Shanghai fiasco {editor’s note - rough weather at sea made it impossible for their cruise ship to dock in Shanghai} our tour of the Far East was terrific. Beijing was good (and cold!)  the tour arrangements you made were excellent. Andy was an informed, amiable character! We enjoyed his company tremendously. Many thanks.
Once again Jeff, Reggie and I say many thanks. We will pass on your name and recommend your organization to our travel professionals and friends.
Manel (Canada)
November 24, 2011
A note to let you know that my trip to the Terra Cotta warriors in Xi'an City on Tuesday, November 22nd worked out very well....Jeff....Andy....Lily was a great guide and did a good job of bringing me up to speed with the history, well paced commentary and was very flexible with the schedule given the challenges of the delayed flight....
Thanks for all your help and support arranging the trip as well as to adapting to flight changes on the day.....I was very well catered for during the whole day, and the folks who met me and guided me along were extremely helpful..thanks much for great job; I will certainly feel very comfortable recommending your services to others!
Sincerely, Vicki Barbur (U.S.A.)
November 24, 2011
Hey Jeff!!!
I never said thank you for a really great 5 day tour of China. All of my guides and drivers were great and I enjoyed myself so much. I appreciate all your work in making it a good tour for me. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I especially loved the Hanging Monastery and the Grottos. I got some fabulous photos.
Thanks again.
Judy (U.S.A)
November 14, 2011
We had a great trip. Our tour guide, Cassie, was fabulous - knowledgeable, friendly, with a great sense of humour - everything a local tour guide should be. Communication, from the early planning stages to the pickup and transfer to the airport for our flight home, was clear and prompt. If we come back to China, we'll be sure to look up your company again.
Thanks so very much for your help and service.
Best regards,
Ellen (Canada)
November 5, 2011
Hi Jeff, wanted to thank you for all your organizational work. Everything went very smoothly, and the guides were excellent.
Best regards, David (U.K.)
October 26, 2011
Well, Jeff, we are back from China, and the entire trip was wonderful. We had a great time. By the way, we came off the river the day of the landslide that suspended travel by river boats! Good timing for us.In the middle of our time on the river, our river boat collided with a coal barge, giving us some unscheduled excitement, but no serious problem.
{Part of this e-mail was deleted for our guest’s privacy} {The tour guide and driver} did an excellent job for us. We appreciated the personal attention, and will not hesitate to recommend your company to others heading to China.
Reid and Jean (Oklahoma, U.S.A.)
September 21, 2011
Hi Jeff
Well we are back in Australia now after an amazing and memorable holiday in China.
Our 5 days of trekking in remote locations of the Great Wall was just amazing. And then the holiday after our trek which was organised with you was great. At each of our destinations all the drivers and guides were excellent. They were always on time as planned and very helpful. No major hiccups experienced.
We did change our plan around in Guilin after some advice from our guide. She felt we had too much "free time". After she made a call to Andy, we were able to bring our flight to Shanghai forward to the morning (from an evening flight) which worked better for all.
We also were upgraded to the 5 star Grand Mercure Hotel in Shanghai which was a great way to finish our holiday. A much more comfortable bed!
I would like to add a couple comments here which would have been useful to know about in advance. In each of the cities visited, our guides offered shows for us to attend in the evenings. The Tang Dynasty show in Xi'an, The light and sound show in Yangshuo and the Acrobats in Shanghai. It was a pretty "hard sell" by the guides in each of Guillin & Shanghai. We did go to a couple shows. We also got the "hard sell" to visit silk factories in Guillin & Tongli water Village.  I guess the guides need to promote these places for their cities, but we did get a bit tired of their hard selling us. {Beijing Discovery Tours note: We have addressed this subject with our tour guides and it should no longer be a problem.}
So thank you for your assistance, which I found to be very efficient, helpful and professional. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone we learn that may be travelling to China from Australia.
Sonia & Ray Prokojes (Australia)
August 30, 2011
This is Ron (Adrienne's husband) first off let me just say WOW what a friggin fantastic trip. Jenn (her English pseudonym) was great. Knowledgeable, friendly and just plain awesome. The driver although quiet was safe and had a clean and well stocked comfortable vehicle. It was a great day trip.
{Payment information omitted for customer privacy} We really cannot believe your level of customer service. We do not know of any other organization that would book this trip without having payment in hand first. Great experience from beginning to end.
Ron (U.S.A.)
July 5, 2011
Hi Jeff, I just wanted to send you an email to let you know we had a wonderful time on Saturday. Our tour guide Regina was fantastic! Please pass on our thanks again.
Kind Regards
Melinda & David Maher (Australia)
June 16, 2011
Jeff,  I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for such an amazing day.  I had a fantastic time. The warriors are incredible. My tour guide, Lucky, was excellent!
Thanks again for all your help.
Tania (Brunei)
May 22, 2011
Dear Jeff, Andy & Coco:
Brad and I will never forget our ”trip of a lifetime.” We couldn’t have done this without your thorough preparation on our behalf. We cannot thank you all enough for the spectacular time we had in Beijing and Xi’an. Each day brought new and exciting experiences, and Andy & Coco’s superb knowledge was invaluable. They enriched our understanding of these beautiful cities, their history, and the Chinese people. We enjoyed their humor, patience and advice on everything from restaurants to enjoy and areas of the city to visit which were not previously on our itinerary. They helped with shopping and we felt safe and secure in their care. They were so enthusiastic about the sights they were sharing with us, and willing to answer any and all questions - no matter how strange they might be. Everything we saw - Tian’anmen Square, The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, a Hutong, The Great Wall, the Terra Cotta Warriors to name a few of the areas we visited - was spectacular. We loved the food, the museums, our visits to the Cloisonne’ Factory, the Acrobatics show and the Tang Dynasty Dinner Banquet with the beautiful musicians and dancers. We felt our week with Andy and Coco fulfilled all our expectations and more. Above all, we thank them for their patience while Brad stopped time and time again to take photographs everywhere we went! And - don’t let us forget the drivers whose skill is getting us where we needed to go was truly amazing!
We will certainly recommend Beijing Discovery Tours to our friends who might be hesitant to plan a Chinese trip on their own. We would certainly love to return some day to see more of your beautiful country.
With sincere thanks to you all,
Linda and Brad (U.S.A.)
May 19, 2011
Hi Jeff & Andy
We are now in our second week of our Princess cruise back to Vancouver and enjoying it immensely.
We would like to thank both of you and your staff for a great time and tour in Beijing. From the very first contact with you and your response to all our e-mails answering all our questions it certainly was a pleasure dealing with you.
The two drivers Xia Fugui and his brother which we neglected to get his name were excellent drivers and very polite. We found Wang Xiao Jen, Jane a very professional, accommodating and excellent tour guide. Her English was excellent, knowledge of dates, history and everything in general was great.
Jane was very mindful of our safety, whether getting in and out of the van to make sure we did not hit our heads or always watching to make sure we watched for steps or uneven pavement. She also got my wife Diana to sit in the front to make it easier to get in and out, which was very much appreciated. One little negative item, it would have been easier to have had a step stool placed on the ground to enable a person to get in and out of the van more easily, especially in the case for seniors. Perhaps you may consider this in your future tours.
All in all we had a most enjoyable experience and we would not hesitate to recommend Beijing Discovery Tours.
Please give our sincere thanks to Xia Fugui and his brother for the safe driving and to Jane for an excellent tour.
Thank you.
Don & Diana Adams (Canada)
April 23, 2011
Dear Jeff,
We are back from Beijing and Xi'an. The one day excursion from Beijing to Xi'an to see the terracotta army and the city wall was perfect.
We have been picked up at 5.45h in the morning in front of the hotel. After a 40 minutes drive we were at the airport.
There is just one little remark to make on the organisation of this tour: We were left at the airport not knowing what to do. Finally I put my passport into the check in machine and then I realized that we were checked in already. You should have mentioned that the check in for the plane already had been done! We had a good place in the plane at the exit row (we are both rather tall, about 1m and 90 cm)
After a short flight we arrived at Xi'an. The guide -Waldemar- was waiting for us at the exit.
Together with his driver we went to the centre in order to pickup a certificate (for the legal transport of tourists?) Then we visited a terracotta-army factory with all kind of souvenirs. At 13.00h we had a nice lunch near pit 1 of the army. After lunch we visited all the interesting pits and souvenir shop with our guide, Waldemar. The visit to the city wall was also very interesting.
Finally we were dropped at the Xi'an airport at 18.45h. The plane back to Beijing took off slightly later than the scheduled time. Arriving at Beijing Airport at 23. 25h, the same taxi driver as in the morning was waiting for us and presented both of us a bottle of water.
Which was really a good service!
Around midnight we were left at our hotel and could tell the story of our particular day to our colleagues, which have stayed in Beijing for the Forbidden City and the Silk Market.
Thank you for your organisation!!
Aad Hendriks (The Netherlands)
April 22, 2011
Thanks for a great trip. We had a wonderful time and my wife was very surprised. The people were very accommodating and helpful. We will definitely do this again and would like to include my two daughters in the next trip sometime in the future.
{Paragraph about a future tour omitted for privacy}
Thanks again and give my regards to Andy.
Todd P. (Shanghai)
{Note: We arranged a surprise birthday party for his wife on the Great Wall}
April 11, 2011
Thank you so very much for a fabulous introduction to Beijing.
Regina, my tour guide was terrific. We have managed to see everything I wanted to do in two days and it was never a rush or a bother. Regina has been friendly, helpful and a lot of fun. A great credit to your business and your reputation.
Thank you so much for making my sight-seeing in Beijing so memorable.
Darren Woolley (Australia)
April 5, 2011
Subject: Thank you very much for Lilly and your driver
We had a great two days in Beijing and look forward to our tour tomorrow to Xi'an. We just want you to know how much we appreciated Lilly's services. She taught us more than we ever thought we could know about the history of China and current day conditions and progress. Please thank her again for us! Also, your driver was excellent in very difficult traffic and road obstacles. Please thank him as well.
We also thank you and Andy for all of your preparation and assistance the last few weeks!
Bob and Janet Shapiro
Roy and Sharlene Lustig (U.S.A.)
(and the next day’s follow-up email)
You are welcome to quote me! Trip to Xi'an was also fabulous. Loved our guide Wing .
Waldner. Loved the Terra Cotta Army! Thanks again!
April 5, 2011
Jeff, I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that both of my cities were wonderful experiences.
David in Xi'an had unbelievable English skills and was very helpful in getting me acclimated to China. He was very "on" to the vegetarianism (he really got it) and helpful. The driver in Xi'an was the most amazing driver I have ever seen.
I adored Jane in Beijing. You know that Lou Reed song, "Sweet Jane." She was just the best. She and the driver (also very professional) were able to accommodate a special request I had which meant a lot to me. The best part about being with Jane was her ability to express very complicated feelings and ideas to me--you know, about maybe what it was like for the concubines, but also what it's like for a woman in China. I enjoyed every second with her.
Both of them did great at figuring out what the heck to do with holiday crowd problems. Good for them...
And who ordered the Beijing weather for me the past two days--perfect.
I hope to be able to write you more after the trip if I have any brain cells left (China is so mind boggling!)  Just maybe a few suggestions, not really about the guides personally. Things more like I had no idea you get meals on China flights, so it may have been good to have asked for vegetarian ones...(.... you can request it, I called ahead on my other flights...who would have known that you actually get food on domestic flights in China--the U.S. ditched that a few years ago.)
Anyway, the suggestions are minor and the service from your company was major.
Thank you so much for setting it all up. You picked the right guides for me (and, of course, it didn't hurt their standing with me that both of them thought I was MUCH younger than I am and told me so...)
{Name Withheld By Request} (Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.)
April 5, 2011
Hello Jeff
Just a short note to let you know how pleased we were with the work of Jane, Katie and our drivers during our recent visit to Beijing and Xi'an.
Both girls were very professional, considerate, warm and good humoured as they took care of us each day. The drivers were also of a very high standard, especially given the driving conditions (congestion) around both cities.
Please pass on our appreciation to Andy for their excellent work.
Frank and Dianne McFall (Australia)
PS: We are only starting to 'come back to earth' after our fabulous cruise and China Tour, hence the lateness of this email.
April 4, 2011
Hi Jeff
Our short Beijing trip is coming to an end, we are en route to the port to join the cruise.
We had a great time. It was a fine move of yours to give Regina to us as our guide. She was the best. Nothing was too much trouble for her. You have a good asset in her.
Just one piece of constructive feedback. The public rest rooms for ladies are not up to the US/UK standards. Not such a problem in Beijing but in Xi'an it became an issue for Mary. It would be good if the tour guide there could find a decent and clean place to stop en route to the Terracotta warrior centre. We would have happily paid extra for a lunch and comfort stop at a decent restaurant in Xi'an if we had been given the option.
We will recommend Discovery Tours because of your great communication leading up to the tour and because of Regina's care and attention during the tour.
Best regards
Alan (U.K.)
April 4, 2011
Hello jeff
just to let you know we really enjoyed the trip on friday. we experienced no problems and everything was what we expected. the guide in Xi'an, Jenna, was very kind and provided an excellent service.
Thanks again for all you help
Cam (Japan)
March 28, 2011
Hi Jeff,
We are back from China. This is just to tell you that the tour was perfectly organised. Everything went smoothly. The guide was also good.
We will recommend it to other people.
kind regards
Eva Nador (Hungary)
February 7, 2011
Hi Jeff and Andy,
Arrived back in London safely yesterday. A bit jet lagged but just to say how impressed I was with the tours you planned for the few days I spent in Beijing, will be encouraging my friends to check you out when they want to visit China. I had a great time - Carl the tour guide and Mr Zhong the driver were exceptional. Everything ran as clockwork glad to have bumped into Andy at The Great Wall.
Gillian (U.K.)
Beijing Discovery Tours Guest Comments

December 15, 2010

I didn’t have time to give you a full response last time . . .

The trip was great! The combination of a dedicated driver and tour guide made the process seamless and efficient. It would have taken a lot more time and energy to see the same sights on my own and I wouldn’t have had the historical knowledge to make it as meaningful. Carl has a good command of the English language, and he did a very good job of explaining, teaching, and scheduling. The team was punctual, and the accommodations were first-rate.

I tacked this tour on to the end of a business trip to China . . . and the two day package was perfect.  My plane trip was covered by my employer, so the additional cost was minimal.  

For my purposes, winter was a good time to go. Compared to Michigan, it wasn’t too cold, and the lines were very short. The stores they took me to gave me a good assortment of typical Chinese products to buy as Christmas presents (silk, jade, pearls, tea). I somehow felt that these things were more in keeping with ancient holiday traditions than an electronic gift, for instance.

I will recommend your services without hesitation to friends and colleagues.

BTW do you have a referral program? With the right level of incentive, I can probably drum up additional business for you.
Winfield Coachman (U.S.A.)


December 3, 2010

Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you! My family returned home yesterday and they had a fantastic time!

I personally just wanted to say thank you for all your help and assistance you have been amazing.

I will reccomend you to all my friends and customers.

I hope you are well??

Many Thanks

Best regards

David (U.K.)


November 5, 2010

Hello Jeff from Lorraine Clark - Melbourne Australia

Just a short email to thank you and your company Beijing Discovery Tours for a wonderful 4 day stay. Your service was great and we would not hesitate to recommend your company to our friends/family etc who might in the future visit Beijing. A special thank you to Regina our guide and our driver for their wonderful, friendly and faultless service - nothing was too much trouble. The Huabin hotel was lovely and room excellent - well located so we were able to walk to nearby shops and Tia'anmen Square etc

With our best wishes

Lorraine & Graham Clark (Australia)


October 19, 2010

Hi Jeff,

Let me thank you for first-class services provided by the Beijing Discovery Tours (my guide David was excellent), I’m gonna recommend your company to my friends :-).

Kind regards

Petr (Czech Republic)


Beijing Discovery Tours Guest Comments

October 18, 2010
Hi Jeff and Andy. I have been remiss in not writing to you sooner.
Our sincere thanks for a very well planned and organized tour of Beijing and its environs and Xi’An.
The Hua Bin International Hotel was an excellent suggestion. The hotel itself and its staff, including the restaurant, were excellent. Most of the staff spoke reasonably sufficient English and were able to take care of our needs and respond to our questions. The rooms were huge and clean. The beds, pillows, linen were clean and perfectly comfortable.
The location of the hotel couldn’t be better - we were right, smack dab in the middle of the Xidan area and Chang’an Road, which is close to a lot of wonderful places to eat, to shop, and to see.
Andy is an excellent guide - his command of the English language along with Chinese history and culture, knowledge of the places of interest, his demeanor and respect, and his willingness to be helpful and considerate were just tremendous, and made us feel welcome and at home. We did not feel hurried and intimidated because we did not know the language - Andy truly made us comfortable. We enjoyed his company thoroughly. The cars and drivers, incidentally, were excellent.
The trip to Xi’An was wonderful and definitely worth it- our car ride to the airport was on time, and the flight was uneventful. Alice was waiting for us at the Xi’An airport, picked us up, and the one-day trip to the Terracotta Warriors museum and Mosque were very good. Despite the terrible traffic we made it through the sights very nicely. Alice herself is a very helpful tour guide, and her command of the English language is reasonably good. She needs to spend a bit more time explaining the culture and historical significance of the sights - she seemed to rush through the description. Funny that she studied history in college. I can tell you she’s no Andy!
The return trip on the train was very comfortable - and we slept well, and woke up in time to arrive back in Beijing. Andy was there with his smiling face. We went back to the hotel, cleaned up - again Andy was very considerate and did not rush us, and then went on to see the Ming Tombs and the Great Wall at Mutianyu.
We appreciated Andy also taking us to some of the shopping areas, but if I might suggest one thing, he might level with the tourists he is guiding on the prices and quality of the workmanship. If he feels that the clients are overpaying, he might say so or steer them away. I know we bargained when we shopped and felt pretty good about the prices we paid - and that’s because we learned to do so in India, Malaysia, Mexico, the Middle East, Africa, and other places, but he or your other guides might be warned to steer the clients a bit better. Sometimes the clients might get taken for a ride on some of the outrageous prices quoted by the people.
All in all, this was a wonderful experience for us, and thank you for all of your arrangements. I can tell you that Andy is one of a kind and a keeper!
We will recommend Beijing Discovery Tours to all of our friends.
Take care.
Sonny Ramaswamy
Dean and Reub Long Professor
College of Agricultural Sciences
Director, Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station
126 Strand Agriculture Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331


October 5, 2010

Hi Jeff,

Miguel and I want to thank you for the enjoyable time we had. The guide and driver were both very nice, helpful and highly recommended. Due to our time constraints you were very helpful with recommending a nice tour and overnight stay at The Great Wall. Your quick responses to all of our questions was very much appreciated.

We will definitely recommend you to our friends!

Thanks again,

Tanja and Miguel (U.S.A)


September 28, 2010

Our 3-day Beijing Tour with Xingang Port Transfer was greatly enhanced by your service--Beijing Discovery Tours. Andy and our driver exhibited exceptional professionalism. Andy is kind, knowledgeable, and very accommodating. He accomplished all our tour requests in a timely and enjoyable manner. After 3 days, we considered Andy a member of our family.


Ann and Bud Hyduk (U.S.A.)


Beijing Discovery Tours Guest Comments

September 22, 2010

Hi Andy,

Hope you are well. We had a smooth trip back. Hannah has been fine. It was a fantastic trip and we thank you for all your work in making it great. Attached is the picture from Saturday, it ended up being a little blurry but it works. Thanks again, we had a wonderful time and are enjoying showing everyone our pictures!

All our best, 

Dan, Jess, and Hannah (U.S.A.)


September 14, 2010


Just wanted to let you know Angela is an excellent tour guide. She is very outgoing and great with people. Angela is well informed on Chinese history and told us exactly what we needed to know without overwhelming us with information. We also wanted to let you know both drivers were nice and very accommodating as well. You are lucky to have such excellent employees.

Thank you again!

Philip & Michelle

Yorba Linda, California U.S.A.


August 29, 2010

Dear Jeff and Andy:

Thank you very much for putting together my travel arrangements in Beijing last month. Regina did a very good job as my guide (and her English is very impressive). The service at the hotel was excellent.

Best regards,


Eric T. Laity
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law
Oklahoma City University School of Law (U.S.A.)


August 8, 2010

Hi Jeff,

just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my tour today. Regina is a great girl and guide and speaks English very well. It was a very pleasant experience!


Timothy Steleman (U.S.A.)


Beijing Discovery Tours Guest Comments

July 28, 2010 

Jeff and Andy,

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my trip to Beijing, China.
All of the arrangements were perfect. The hotel, the tours, the food, was all quite good. Most of all, the price was very reasonable. I could not have asked for more.
Andy was a GREAT tour guide. He picked me up promptly at the train station and took me to the hotel. The five star hotel was truly that, five stars! The room and other accommodations were outstanding. I strongly recommend the Hua Bin Hotel. As for the tours, Andy was the best!! He explained everything to me. He was able to work with me and take me to places that I wanted to see. Andy was able to accommodate my desire to stay at some sites longer than we might have scheduled. This is especially true of Tiananmen Square where I wanted to visit Mao’s Mausoleum, which wasn’t on the original itinerary. Andy worked it out, put me in line, and I got to see Chairman Mao. I must also add that Andy’s knowledge of the history of the places we visited was very thorough. He explained, in detail, what we saw at the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, The Temple of Heaven, and, of course, the Great Wall. had a great time. The price was right!!!
I will strongly recommend your tour company to everyone. You both did a magnificent job.
Andy said I should attach some pictures, I have. Use them if you like.
P.S.: Jeff, please reply and let me know if you get this and be sure Andy sees it!!!!! I might not have Andy’s correct email. I want him to know he did a great job! I want to bring my family to China one day. If we all get to come, I hope you and Andy are still available. Thanks. 

Miller W. Shealy, Jr.
Assistant Professor of Law
Charleston School of Law (U.S.A.)


July 15, 2010


Thank you very much for providing us with a very enjoyable tour service during our stay in China last week. Although you were not there in Beijing during our stay but we appreciated your well thought out plans and organization for our tour. 

Our tour started off very well as soon as we landed in Shanghai on July 5. Jenny Zhao was waiting for us at the airport, and attended to all our needs. We found Jenny to be knowledgeable, courteous, hard working professional who went extra miles for our comfort. Thank you Jenny, we really appreciated your service.

Although we spent only part of a day in Xi'an, Daisy there was very impressive too. I have misplaced Daisy's e-mail address. Please forward this e-mail to thank her and to let her know how much we appreciated her service.

Finally Andy in Beijing. Andy and Gao (the driver) were simply excellent. The traffic in Beijing will test anybody's patience but both of them were cool as cucumber. Thank you Andy and Gao for going the extra miles for us.  We really appreciated it.

One sour note at the end though. On our last day in Beijing, Andy didn't come to the hotel to pick us up for the airport. Gao came by himself with another driver for the 2nd van to carry our luggage. They dropped us on time at Terminal 3. We didn't know any better so we didn't check before he left but we found out Delta did not fly from Terminal 3. We assumed Andy had checked and advised Gao the terminal he should take us to. Anyway, we found out to our dismay that Delta actually flies from Terminal 2 which is miles away. Someone advised us to go downstairs and take a shuttle bus which we did. However, Terminal 2 being so far away, it took nearly 30 minutes to get there, and we were sure we were going to miss our flight. Fortunately we didn't miss the flight after all although we all were out of breath. This is not a complaint - just a lesson learned.

Thank you once again for your service that we hope to use again during our next trip. Best regards.

Asok Sengupta (U.S.A.)

{Editor’s note: The wrong airport terminal drop-off was definitely our mistake - almost all international flights fly out of Beijing from Terminal 3, but with Delta Airlines’ merger with Northwest Airlines, they now fly out of Terminal 2 - we have expressed our sincere apologies to Mr. Sengupta and have promised to make it up to him and his family and friends on their next visit to China.}


July 9, 2010


With apologies for the delay in this note. We have been "on the road" a lot since returning from Asia at the end of April

We wanted to let you know that the tour you arranged for us was TERRIFIC. Our only regret is that we did not plan to stay a few days in Xi'an, which was a big mistake. It is a lovely city; one which we will return to if we ever get back to China. In addition, your & Beijing Discovery Tours' provided very efficient and courteous services. It was a pleasure making arrangements through you.

I also wanted to give you feedback on our tour guide--Katie. She was the best we have ever had--very personable, intelligent, and packed in more activities than I thought possible within our short stay in Xi'an. She even accompanied us in the evening. She (and the driver, Trevor) were always on time and also willing to make adjustments throughout the day and evening. We highly recommend her to you; she is an excellent marketing asset for Beijing Discovery Tours.

Sumi (U.S.A.)


June 15, 2010

Hi Jeff - I’ve talked with both John XXXXXXX and Daisy XXXXXX since their trips and they both said ”trip of a lifetime.”  They said you did a terrific itinerary for them, the guides were great, food was interesting and tasty and all was well. Congratulations on such a well run agency. We talk you and China up every chance we get. Take good care -

Dorothy (U.S.A.)


May 26, 2010


Just wanted to let you know my parents and I had a wonderful time on the Olympic Tour with Andy on Sunday.  Andy was so friendly and helpful!! We learned a lot from him and he was an excellent guide!! Will refer friends to you if I know of anyone traveling to Beijing!

Thanks again! Take care!

Nicole (U.S.A./South Korea)


March 31, 2010

Hello Jeff

Just got back from an EXCELLENT Tour of Xi'an. The Driver who transported us to Beijing Airport and return was superb - he was very prompt and a good driver.

The driver in Xi'an was BRILLIANT his driving skills were magnificent - we had a very comfortable journey to all our places of visit.

Our Tour Guide - COOKIE - was absolutely FANTASTIC, her ENGLISH was exceptional and her knowledge was ASTOUNDING !!!

You are so lucky to have a person of her ability at the disposal of your company. Our party were full of praise for her.

She made our Tour of Xi'an a very memorable occasion. 

Please pass on our grateful thanks to her.

Your company came very highly recommended to me and the arrangements for our tour were exceptional.

Many thanks !!

Kind Regards

Mike (U.K)


March 30, 2010


Just letting you know that we are now safely tucked up at home and that we enjoyed immensely the service provided by your driver and guide.

Brendan Blott (Australia)


March 20, 2010

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for taking us to the Great Wall/Ming Tombs/Olympic Park yesterday and to the acrobat show in Beijing this evening with Andy as a fantastic tour guide. We were very happy to have chosen your company and will recommend your tours and Andy as tour guide to everyone who is going to Beijing.

Best regards,


International Business College, Aabenraa, Denmark


Beijing Discovery Tours Guest Comments

February 5, 2010
Dear Jeff,
Thanks so much to you, Andy and Katie for going the extra mile for us! The Starbuck cups are in Hong Kong and I have some pretty happy kids.
 Jeff, were you able to check with Jack if he can get me a baby panda name?  Here my kids are proudly posing with one but in order to finish off the Facebook albums the Panda needs a name. We recognize that they likely have several babies that take turns sitting for photos but any baby name will do - the way I see it no one will actually know.
Thanks again for a super family vacation in China.
All the best,
 {Editor’s note: For the record, we did find out the panda’s name - it was Xingya.}


Beijing Discovery Tours Guest Comments

February 2, 2010
Hi Jeff,
We are back safe in Australia after our holiday to China and I would just like to send a big thank you to yourself and Andy our guide. We had a fantastic day walking on the Great Wall, it was well organised from beginning to end. I have enclosed a picture of Andy leading the way over the first few towers. I would recommend your tour company to anyone going to China.
Thanks again,
Ian & Romana Black (Australia)


January 6, 2010

Dear Jeff,

I just wanted to write to say that all in all we were extremely pleased with our travel in China. All our guides, Andy in Beijing, Katie in Xi'an and Jack in Chengdu were knowledgeable with a very pleasing attitude towards meeting all the objectives of our travel. We had a tremendous time. Weather was great - a little chilly in Beijing and Xi'an but nothing to stop a Canadian! Even the slight drizzle in Chengdu did not put a damper on the Panda visit. I think Jack should get a little extra accolade because not only did he have to meet us at the airport much later than expected due to a delay out of Xi'an, he also was the only guide that took our request to take us to a Starbucks seriously and came through for us. My children collect the Starbucks coffee cups and collector set in all the Asian cities they have been to and were quite distressed that they did not have an opportunity to purchase these in Beijing and Xi'an. In fact, they came back to Hong Kong madly searching the internet to see if they could purchase them online which did not turn out easy as they thought it might be and have now given up.

My son thought the Great Wall was the highlight of his trip and my daughter definitely was leaning toward the visit with the Pandas and we were all in awe of the terracotta warriors.  By the way, we could not leave the Panda reserve without the children having a photo with the baby panda. An experience of a lifetime for them. The acrobatic show in Beijing was superb!  Quite a group of talented people. The Olympic site was very memorable and I could go on but suffice to say that the arrangements were first class. 

Again thank you for the professional services we received and I would have no hesitation in recommending your tour company to anyone looking for a nice vacation in China. In fact I have passed your name, website and information you provided to me to an American colleague.

All the best for a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Brenda (Canada/Hong Kong)


December 24, 2009

 Hey Jeff, 

How are you? This is Peter from Semester at Sea. I really enjoyed the trip that you had planned for us and was very happy with all the arrangements. I was so happy that I had told my friends about Discovery tours. I would like Itineraries for trips to give my friends and they will connect with you. They will be in Shanghai on February 16 and need to be back in Hong Kong before February 23. Can you send me an itinerary similar to the one i had and another one that will take them to Terracotta Warriors. 

Thank you, 

Peter Abualzolof (Semester at Sea)


December 15, 2009

Hi Jeff, a quick note to let you know the tours went well. The McQueen's really enjoyed their trip to Xi'an on Saturday. Their flight to Xi'an was delayed 90 minutes, but there's nothing anyone could have done about that. And they still managed to see everything they wanted to in Xi'an. They were also very impressed with their guide (David?).

  The tours of the Great Wall and the Beijing highlights were also enjoyable. The weather was cold, so we decided to cut things a bit short, but Andy and the driver were very accommodating and adjusted the schedule to make the most of our time.   

  Thanks again, and I'll keep you in mind next time I or someone I know need to book some tours in or around Beijing.   


  John (Canada) 


December 12, 2009

Subject: AWESOME trip!

Hi Jeff,

Greg and I returned Thanksgiving from the Orient and then I had a cold for a week. Just now getting to feel normal.

Wanted to let you know that we were so pleased with the tours. Everything went off without a hitch. We did not ever have to wait for the driver and guide and they delivered us where we needed to be on the spot!. Also your choice of guides is to be commended. Angela in Beijing especially was wonderful. Such a charming young lady. She really wanted us to enjoy our stay and we did. We had the greatest trip ever and want to thank you for your diligence in planning. It couldn't have been more perfect! We certainly will recommend your operation to anyone going to China.

Thank you again, Jeff, for a wonderful experience.

Marci (U.S.A.)


November 24, 2009

Hello Jeff

Well we are back in Montreal after our trip to China. I just wanted to tell you that we enjoyed our tour of the terra cotta warriors with Kelly. She was very knowledgeable and her English was excellent. We were fogged in unfortunately and didn’t fly back to Beijing when scheduled. Kelly was very helpful and stayed with us quite sometime at the Xi'an airport to try and help us re schedule our flight.  

We had a very frightening trip back to our hotel that night, the fog was very bad and visibility was very small, our driver was magnificent and I honestly don’t know how he managed to get us there in 1 piece. Honestly if we had known how bad it was we wouldn’t have asked Kelly to send him out for us.

Thank you to all the staff again 

Helen (Canada)


November 24, 2009

Hi Jeff,

Just arrived back from our trip to the Far East. Wanted to thank you for arranging the pick up from the airport at Beijing etc. Both the driver and the guide were excellent and really made my party feel important. Will recommend your company to any of our friends who visit Beijing. 

Regards Cyril (United Kingdom) 


November 17, 2009

Hey Jeff,

On behalf of the people in my group, we would like you to know how great of a job Matthew did for us. He was more than accommodating to our requests and and he spoke great English. He was also very knowledgeable about all of the places we visited. My only suggestion to you is that picking better restaurants to eat at would have been greatly appreciated. That was out of Matt's control though so we do not hold it against him. Other than that, in my own honest opinion, because of my group, tour guide, and sites visited, China has been the most fun. So thank you for that. Hope all is well. 


Dave Schutt (U.S.A.)
Executive Student Ambassador for Semester at Sea Fall 09
Biology Major, Pre-Med
Gustavus Adolphus College 2011 


November 14, 2009

Hi Jeff

Thank you for a good tour under less than favourable weather conditions.

We waited on the plane for 2 hours then flight was cancelled 

Rang Kelly at Midnight and she then arranged a hotel and driver to pick us up.

Your driver should also be congratulated for coming out at 2:00 am in heavy fog to pick us up.

Kelly picked us up when we arrived and gave us a great tour. She then stayed with us for 3 hours in the Xi’an airport to ensure we got checked in OK. Flights had been delayed and cancelled all day and the airport was full of lots of angry people.

We were very pleased with Kelly she was very informative, with excellent English and made sure our tour was as pleasant as possible. 

Many thanks to you and your excellent staff.

Helen & Robert McMellon (Canada)


October 28, 2009

Hi Jeff

I hope that you are well. My family had a really great time with your one day trip to Xi'an - in fact this was the highlight of my father-in-law's whole 5 weeks in China. Thank you once again for organising this tour for us. 

[Questions about an upcoming tour deleted for privacy] 

Amy (Australia)


October 14, 2009

Hello Jeff. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much Steve and I appreciate you and your company. We had an amazing time in Beijing and sleeping out on the wall was incredible. Our guide Angela was wonderful. I cannot say enough good things about her. She is extremely knowledgeable of Chinese history, and could not have been a nicer travel companion. Please let me know if you would like me to post a review anywhere.  I would be more than happy to do so. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Alison (U.S.A./Singapore) 


October 13, 2009


We wanted to send a quick note to thank you and Andy for showing us so many wonderful things in Beijing. Everything was perfect

One quick question. Do u offer any tours in hong kong?


Bonnie and Bob Thomson (U.S.A.) 


September 14, 2009


As you heard, we had an “interesting” time on the wall. For me, it could not have been better sun in the evening - good photographs - a good meal with Mr and Mrs Wang - a short but good night - a great hike - and thanks for the lunch at Simatai.

Bob (U.S.A.)


August 24, 2009

Dear Jeff,

  Just writing to let you know we were very very happy with our tour of the Terracotta Warriors. 

  Our guide was excellent and we would certainly recommend your company to our friends. 


Dianne (Melbourne, Australia)


July 15, 2009


Thanks so much for all of your assistance with our recent trip to China, We had a delightful time, and our son, Matthew really enjoyed all of the tour managers. We feel that the tour guides really knew so much about each destination, that it truly added to our trip in so many ways.

We will definitely recommend your organization to everyone we know,

Sincerely, Leslie and Kevin Anderson (Maryland, U.S.A.)


June 28, 2009

{This comment is regarding a last minute marriage proposal event that we set up for the happy couple, the 3rd successful marriage proposal that we have been a part of so far!}

You are a STAR!!!!

Dear Andy,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these wonderful days and the very very special event you arranged!

Your creativity and organization was exceptional!!!!

Linda will never forget this day in her life and I am still touched by this wonderful setting.

The food was delicious and the music so just perfect.

It would be great if you could sent us your pictures, since most of ours are actually not focused, as I made a mistake in the camera settings.

Please let me know what kind of reference letter/ picture you would like!

Looking forward hearing from you,

Christoph & Linda. (France)


June 28, 2009

Hello Jeff

This is Ully Fleck, my sister Christine and I spend 10 Days with Beijing [Discovery] Tours. Thank you, we had a wonderful time. Frank, our tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly, easy to communicate with, it was a pleasure to meet him. I wanted to thank him personally, but lost his e-mail address. Could you send this request to me? Great matching guest with driver and guide. We did like Kelly, but she was not as personable. She was too much on her cell phone when we walked through areas and was not willing to talk to us except for knowledge of history. But this could also be a cultural difference. Thank you again for the great experience, and we will surely pass your agency to others if they want to experience Beijing and area. Thank you to Andy for picking us up and taking us to the Train station. Greetings from Ully and Christine (Oregon, U.S.A.)


June 19, 2009

Hi Jeff,

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to contact after our weekend in Beijing but wanted to thank you for all of your assistance. My husband said it best when he commented that it was the best weekend away he's had in years. So, kudos to you and Andy.

I wish you continued success and I've passed on your info to some good folks at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing as well as the consulate in Shanghai.

Thanks for an awesome weekend!

Rachael Kyte (Hong Kong)


June 16 & 18, 2009


{Sentences with payment information omitted - this comment combines 2 separate emails} We really had a terrific time and were very happy with the service. It’s a bit scary booking things over the Internet, because you never really know what you are going to get. But it has all been over and above our expectations. With our short amount of time, we were able to see everything we wanted and wasted no time making arrangements, waiting for buses or trying to figure out where to go. We loved that those details were all taken care of and we could maximize our time here.

{Paragraph with payment information omitted}

The gorge was amazing!! Very beautiful. It was a nice change from the city sights and history sights. It made for a good mix of sights in our 3 days in Beijing. I would recommend it to other tourists.  My daughter and I did the zip line over the gorge!! Scary at first but worth it!! It did rain some, but then stopped, so it was fine.  I got my fortune told by a Buddhist monk - and then he hit me up for a candle to burn year long for 1600 RMB. Very funny. I bought the small candle for 100 RMB. I didn't think a candle would really help me that much, but the fortune was quite interesting and worth 100 RMB :)

  All in all it has been a terrific trip. You have a very good company!! 

One recommendation for folks going to the gorge - it’s quite a bit cooler there, so they should dress for it. We only had shorts on and light shirts. Luckily we were able to buy sweatshirts and I found a rather dorky looking red pair of sweat pants for $5.00 to buy. But they were warm and I was happy for it.

  Thanks again for a terrific trip!! 


  Judy (and Bill and Natalie) Nagengast (U.S.A) 


Hi Jeff,

A quick note to let you know we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly both days. Both Frank and Andy were great guides, very knowledgeable and easy going. They both hit it off well with our daughters, which helped keep them entertained during the dull parts, like driving to/from the Great Wall, sitting in traffic, walking the sites, etc. Needless to say we were all exhausted at the end of each day, and that's a good sign.

The only constructive criticism I might offer is we found the hutong tour a little disappointing. I realize the hutongs are quickly vanishing and many that remain are undergoing restoration, but we felt like we were touring a construction site rather than an area occupied by actual residents. And I also realize that it would be difficult to make arrangements on such short notice and on a public holiday, but the family home we visited felt more like a tourist site / gift shop than an actual residence, and there wasn't much opportunity to visit with the actual residents. It didn't feel very authentic to us, but then again, that may be the way it is.

Thanks again, and we'll be sure to recommend your firm to others travelling to China, and we may be calling you again in the future.


John (Hong Kong)


May 21, 2008

Jeff it has been a great pleasure working with Beijing [Discovery] Tours. I admit I was a little hesitant doing business online, but you always responded when I emailed you questions and the staff "Cookie" in Xi'an and Alan in Beijing were excellent tour guides. Of course you know we utilized another tour company ([XXX] Tours) for some of our tours in China. Those tours were already booked by our travel agency. Unlike the other tour agency, we very much appreciated the fact that we were not pressured to buy things. We just wanted to appreciate the beauty of China without having to spend money at every tour site or on the way to a tour site. We also had a wonderful time visiting the Terracotta Soldiers. At first I thought flying over to Xi'an from Shanghai to see the soldiers and return the same evening would be difficult, but everything turned out as planned and the price for the flights was very reasonable. We also enjoyed the inside tour of the Water Cube and the Bird's Nest. In fact we went back to the Olympic Park the next evening and enjoyed the beautiful lights from the structures and took many more pictures. My only suggestion would be to do a late afternoon inside tour of the Cube and Nest and finish off with dinner and an evening of photos at the Olympic Park. We are heading back to the USA today and we will definitely refer our friends to Beijing [Discovery] Tours. Great job! Lovetta


May 8, 2009


Thank you for your company's outstanding service during our time in Beijing and Xi'an.  Deborah and I had a wonderful time learning about China's history and culture with the help of Anna and Andy. They were both interesting and knowledgeable tour guides and made sure we were always comfortable and having a great time.  Feel free to use any of our comments and I would gladly recommend your company to anyone traveling to Beijing.  I have attached a picture of Deborah and Andy as well as a picture of me and Deborah on the Great Wall after I proposed.  This was a obviously a very special trip for us and thank you again for helping it go so smoothly!

Jay (U.S.A.)


May 4, 2009

hello Jeff... this is to let you know we had an "excellent time” in Beijing... You supplied US with an excellent tour guide, Andy ..

He was very good and gave us what we wanted to see... His English was good and he was able to communicate with one of our friends in "Mandarin".... that way things were exactly what we wanted to do and see. He is a VERY GOOD GUIDE... and very pleasant... You will not go wrong with keeping such a fine gentleman... his attire was nice and neat .. casual but nice. He greeted us with a "SMILE" and answered our questions with a "SMILE"... If we ever come to Beijing again, we will certainly request ANDY again ... hopefully you will still have him working for you... probably promote him soon in your company.

Thank you again, Jeff.. for making our stay in Beijing perfect.. Andy also recommended an EXCELLENT RESTAURANT for us to finish off our evening... and he made sure the Restaurant Manager got a TAXI for us to take us back to our HOTEL..

The Darwin Lees, U.S.A. 5/01/09 - 5/02/09


February 14, 2009

Hi Jeff

So in fact we had a great day. The weather, Andy, the driver, and of course the sights were outstanding........... We just had a wonderful experience and everything went according to plan. Good planning and certainly any Beijing clients shall be yours. 

Just a little reminder, when Andy left us I wanted a copy of the credit card charge slip, which would be my invoice and he was going to bring me a copy. If you should speak to him I would appreciate reminder.

One last question, do you do anything in Shanghai regarding touring?  I have contacted some guy which I found on the internet {name deleted}, seems a little confusing and thought if you do Shanghai, we will be there Feb. 23 for 1 nite and thought we would like to see as much as we can as well.  I know that the sights are not anywhere as exciting, but being guided is a treat. Let me know.

Thank you again and we will see Andy at 1 p.m. today as he and we felt that it will give us ample time to get there without rushing.

Thanks Miriam.

(Travel Consultant, Montreal, Canada)


January 6, 2009

Dear Jeff and Andy,

We just got home! This has been a loooong Monday! You two made our trip. Thank you so much! We would have never sent Shanti ahead without Andy there. Even though we did a lot on our own (kind of our family custom) we would have never gotten to see the Ming Tombs and Great Wall without you two (and a very good driver, too)! Chengdu and Beijing has whetted our appetite to see more of China. We will be back. And we will certainly recommend you if the occasion arises. Thanks again.

Prakash and Sherry and Shanti


December 30, 2008

Hi Jeff,

We just got back from a really GREAT day with your tour guide Frank. He did a great job and we all enjoyed ourselves very much. We saw everything we were expecting to see and they were all amazing. We did take the cable car up the wall and then when we saw how far it was to the toboggan down we all quickly decided that the cable car back down would be perfect!

The Kung Fu show was much better than the Acrobat show we saw a few days ago. We all enjoyed it very much. Oh and lunch - my son-in-law has eaten almost no Chinese food while we have been here and today at lunch he ate a lot and said he really liked the food at lunch. 

I did talk to Frank about the airport on Jan 2nd and your company will pick us up about 10 a.m. That will end a wonderful trip for this time. I will tell anyone I know that may go to China about your company and the Great job all the people have done. 

Thank You


(Darnestown, Maryland USA)


December 19, 2008

Hi Jeff,

I had intended to write to you sooner but things have been so hectic since our return from a most amazing holiday with wonderful friends.

We want to thank you for one of the highlights: the trip to Xi'an and the warriors was truly unforgettable and they have to be seen to be believed.

Everything was so well organised and Cookie, our guide, was an absolute delight and so knowledgeable. It was all we could do to stop the men from popping her into a wheelie bag and taking her home!!

I hope the stalling of our bank card did not give your rep a heart attack. It was merely a security move as a result of a whack of funds leaving our account at the end of the cruise. A phone call quickly rectified everything.

We will certainly recommend you to anyone travelling in China and for our part, Martin and I hope to have a more extensive tour some time.

With all best wishes for Christmas and 2009.




Beijing Discovery Tours Guest Comments

December 11, 2008
Hi Jeff
Just a note to let you know that our group really enjoyed the Beijing Tour with Andy. Having a local tour guide made the trip more interesting. We also enjoyed the dinner that was arranged for us. Andy made the tour fun and was flexible in the scheduling. I have attached a picture of our group with Andy from the Great Wall.
Thanks again
Danny Drennen
Dan's Tours
Fort Payne, Alabama


November 19, 2008

Hi Jeff,

We got back from China last night and just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our trip. Andy in Beijing was awesome, as were all the other guides and drivers. Everyone was where they said they would be when they said they would be. We never had to worry about a thing, they took of everything. It was an amazing trip! 

{Paragraph with questions about an upcoming tour omitted for privacy} 


Renae & Heather


October 11, 2008

Dear Jeff,

Thanks for arranging a marvelous set of activities in Beijing and Xi'an. Andy and Selena were excellent guides! We will highly recommend your guide service to our friends.

Igor Fedoroff


October 3, 2008


I just wanted to thank you again for the great tour. I couldn't fully participate all of the activities but I enjoyed it.

Keep in touch!

Yue (with the baby ;-)


September 23, 2008


I've been meaning to sit down and e-mail you to tell you "thanks" for all your help and providing such a great experience at the Great Wall. Andy was very nice and did a good job explaining some of the history of the Great Wall (not something our history classes covered much). It ended up being a busy day at the Mutianyu section due to the Harvest Festival holiday (I don't know if this is what the Chinese really call it but this is how the hotel staff explained it). One thing that might make the experience more informative is explaining some of the things that you pass on your way to the Great Wall. I know we passed a large agricultural area and it would have been nice to know what was grown or who tended to the fields, etc. But in all honesty Jeff our experience was very good.

I'm glad to hear that you made it to the Wheelchair Rugby events. My friend Trisha that traveled with us is married to the US assistant coach of the Wheelchair Rugby team. He was the gray haired guy sitting on the sidelines in the wheelchair and they are the reason we came to Beijing. We figured supporting our friends, being in Beijing for such a momentous occasion and helping out with their twin 4 year old boys was a once in a lifetime experience. :) If you want to watch a great documentary about Wheelchair Rugby rent "Murderball". It was done quite well and even was nominated for an Oscar.

Thanks again for helping us enjoy our visit to China! I will definitely recommend your company to any friends that travel your way. Thanks again for all that you and Andy have done. Your attention to detail, quick follow up, professionalism and insight on the Great Wall were awesome.Take care, Caroline (San Francisco, California U.S.A.)


September 23, 2008

Dear Jeff,

Thank you so much for reminding me and sending this message. In fact I too were thinking to write a few lines to you. We really enjoyed the tour in China a lot, seeing all the places visited and it is more than the the value of the money we spent for it. I think it was because of your arrangements and your staff, worked so well for us.

As you say it would have been very nice if we had some more chances of meeting each other to associate much closer like we did once at a dinner time. Any way hope to see you again in China, alone or in a group to have a better company with you.

I thank you again for reminding us and sending a message.

Hope you are doing well and wish you good health and good business.

Please convey our best regards to Tonny and Leven who helped us in various ways to make our tour a sucsess. All our familly group members talk of every good of them.

Best regards.

Sam (Sri Lanka)


September 22, 2008


Thanks for following up and for all your help. More than happy to give you my thoughts (I am a marketer after all - we do love our feedback).

At a top line the thing that really impressed me was the personal, flexible approach which gave me huge confidence that I would have a tour tailored to my needs and that I was dealing with humans as opposed to a computer! The mix of American and Chinese contact was also a real benefit for me personally as it gave confidence that your company gets the needs of tourists as well as gets the country - so often it can be skewed to one or the other. The swift follow up post my request was great (implied action orientated company) and having a person and mobile to call in case of issues was great in a country when you don't speak the language.

In terms of the tour itself it was great - very much felt like being with a local rather than a stuffy tour guide. Frank was good - friendly, professional, flexible, interested, informative and very personable. If giving any builds it would probably be for him to probe a bit more in terms of priorities - eg we rushed through the Forbidden City and were at the end before I realised and I would have liked to have seen a bit more variety within it so asked and we went back in for a while and maybe give a bit more information on things - he did have loads of knowledge but I felt there were more fascinating things he knew that would have been great to know.

Finally the tours were easy to find on the internet and the flexible approach did come through. Only thing that would have been helpful is a non USA number to call as couldn't get through on this.

Think that's about it. Had a great time and have got some great memories so much thanks. Would definitely recommend your company to friends / colleagues.


Catherine Archer



July 27, 2008


Both of you did a wonderful job. The weekend was crammed full, but as you recall I was the one who asked for all the activities. I think that your observations are all correct. I would have liked to eaten before 9 PM, at least one of the nights---but the Hot Pot was well worth the wait!!

I agree that the Kung Fu show was a bit anticlimactic, but I think that in part was attributable to the fact that the show was not what the students expected it to be. Several students mentioned that it was more of a dance program than a martial arts performance. In any event, the acrobatics show is a definite must in all future programs.

We used another agency for the past 2 years. They were fine, but had limited flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. Both you and Andy made adjustments where necessary. It was much appreciated. Your service was also much more personal than our prior experiences.

I was quite pleased with the trip, and my strong recommendation to Dean Hellman is to continue to work with you in the future.

It was a pleasure to meet both you and Andy.

John F. Cooper

Associate Dean of International and Cooperative Programs

Stetson University College of Law (Florida, U.S.A)


July 22, 2008

Dear Jeff,

Thank you so much for your mail. Although I wanted to call you and thank you, before I left China for the nice arrangement made by you to do this tour so safely for every body, I couldn't do it since I had run through the phone credit. It reassures me that you are a gentleman who does not forget people after a business is already done and finished. It was a very nice tour and every one in the group were very happy about your arrangements. Mr. Andy and Mr. Leven were very friendly and helpful for every member took part in the tour. I too have a too busy time after I came back from China. I am trying so hard to cover up the work I missed in the last week. I will contact and write to you in future to build up tour business as soon as possible. I thank you again for your effort to make our tour a successful one.

Convey my best regards to Mr. Andy and Mr. Leven.

Best regards.

Sam (Colombo, Sri Lanka)


July 3, 2008

Hi Jeff,

I've been so busy writing to friends and family about what a wonderful Beijing trip we had -- I almost forgot to give you some feedback! We can't thank you enough for the excellent guide and the excellent planning from start to finish. You've been wonderful to communicate with, and your guide, Tina, and driver Mr. Gao were just fantastic. Tina found us easily at the rail station in Beijing, and from that moment forward everything went smoothly. Tina went way out of her way to ensure a special experience for us: she even taught us some useful Chinese in the van as we drove out to Mutianyu, and she had several very interesting stories to tell us as we toured the Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, and Ming Tombs. The experience of walking on the Great Wall at Mutianyu was truly a memory of a lifetime for us, so thank you for helping make that happen. Tina even helped us by procuring some tickets for the Flying Acrobats one night, and she and Mr. Gao stuck around to ensure that we were picked up immediately afterward and transported safely to our hotel. I just can't say enough about how much they helped us and how incredibly patient and kind they were with us and our children. 

I have had such a wonderful experience riding the night train to Beijing and touring through your company that I am planning to pass on your company's name and website to my program manager back in Wisconsin -- we plan to bring students to China every summer, and very likely all of them will visit Beijing. We hope this is the beginning of a very good relationship with your company! 

Please let Tina and Mr. Gao know that we will cherish our memories of Beijing, and thanks to both of them for being GREAT! 

Best Wishes to your company, and very good luck for China at the upcoming Olympic Games, 


Laura Grossenbacher, Director
Technical Communication Program
Engineering Professional Development Department
College of Engineering, UW-Madison (Wisconsin, U.S.A.) 


June 9, 2008


My friend and I had a great trip ... great weather, great experience ... Thanks for the help while I was in Beijing ... much appreciated.

I just went through my pics, looks great!

David - from the USA


May 21, 2008

Hi Jeff, thanks for your note advising me of the refund, that's great. I had a great time in Xi'an and Beijing. I am sorry I didn't call you but my host kept me so busy in Beijing I was busy all the time. I LOVED Beijing and hope to go back and found your other suggestions interesting so may look at them when I return, which I hope to next year. I have told everyone about you and how you planned a great time for me in Xi'an. You may hear from Rachael, she was asking if I recommended you and I do, you certainly made my first visit to China, being Xi'an, an amazing time. Thanks for everything. I did manage to see Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, a Prince's garden close to the Hutongs and I can't remember the Prince's name. The guide who took us on Rickshaws through the Hutongs took us to a couple of homes which were very nice, one with a lovely courtyard and the other not so grand but nice anyway, the couple made green tea for us and sat with us and we had a great chat thru my English speaking guide. A young lawyer from our Vancouver office was there working with our Beijing lawyer who was my host and he went with me on the tour. Bob and his wife arranged it as my time was so short, on looking back I stayed too long in Hong Kong and should have spent longer in Beijing. We had lunch at a nice restaurant which overlooked the Prince's garden and then on the Royal Palace. That was Saturday, on Sunday we went to the Great Wall to the gondola, I would never have got up there without it and I walked on the great wall for a couple of hours, just amazing. Not a Sunday hike but an endurance test, amazing. Terminal 3 at Beijing Airport is spectacular, so big and so efficient. All in all everything was great, thanks to you and my hosts in Beijing and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who asks and may be in touch next year, I really want to go back and my hosts have invited me back any time I want to go. 

I followed the news on the earthquake on the English speaking channel CCTV9, I was still in Beijing for the remembrance 3 minutes at 2:28 p.m. yesterday. Tiffany and I had just left the silk market and noticed all the staff coming out from the hotel we were parked at. I thought it was a photo they were lining up for, then the horns blasted and we realized what was happening and participated, I'm very touched to be part of it all. My return Air Canada flight took donations for the victims and were doing so for 3 days, I was happy to give them my left over Chinese money and help a little. 

Best Wishes and many thanks. Brenda

(Toronto, Canada)


Beijing Discovery Tours Guest Comments

May 11, 2008

From:"Timothy Calton"


Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 20:55:55 +0800

Subject:Pictures - it sure was fun


March 31, 2008

Hi Jeff,

All was perfect! Thanks a lot!

Kind Regards,

Sebastian Jansen

Cologne (Germany)


March 14, 2008


Just wanted you to know that Renee, Alice and I had a wonderful trip throughout Beijing. The Great Wall was definitely the highlight, but the Summer Palace and the Acrobat show were also awesome!  We appreciated the great care and personal attention that you provided during our five day adventure. I have traveled to over a dozen different countries and seen many exciting places. Your tour of the many wonders of Beijing ranks at the top. Some day we hope to return to see the Yangtze River and Tibet!

Thank you so much,

Brian Leeson

Slinger, Wisconsin (U.S.A.)


January 13, 2008

Subject: A picture and our thanks for a great tour

Hi Jeff,

We had a great time in China. All the tour operators were great. Andy wanted me to send a couple of pictures.  

Thanks for everything!  

Austin (U.S.A.)


Beijing Discovery Tours Guest Comments

January 1, 2008
Dear Andy,
Just wanted to thank you and your team for a most enjoyable vacation experience. The quality of the information coupled with the awesome historical sites far exceeded our expectations. We are left with a lifetime of memories of ancient China and her fabulous culture. I would have to highly recommended your services to anyone traveling to Beijing!
Friends for life: Karl and Cassie Guenther (U.S.A.)


November 28, 2007

Again, thanks for showing us a great time here in Beijing and allowing us to learn from your culture. Good luck with your business and let us know whenever you come to visit California.

Best Regards, 

Wolfgang & Carmen (U.S.A.)


November 7, 2007 

I returned safely last night and Mom and Rodney just returned a couple of hours ago. I called and Mom was raving about your warm and fun hospitality. You made the tour something special for all of us. You know how difficult my mother can be. We love her dearly but there are times . . . but you made those times easier to deal with. We really had a great time due to your kindness and patience.

I hope the driver is doing better. It was hard to spend our last day without him.  

Keep in touch.  

thanks rikki


August 10, 2007

Hi Andy!!

Just a wee note to say thank you for the tour of the Simatai section of the Great Wall. I had an amazing time and the scenes were so much better without all the tourists and touts! The zip-wire on the way back down was also something i will never forget! The free lunch and massage back at the hotel was also a bonus (for anyone reading this, it is not Andy who does the massages, but a lady who speaks no English but is very good at what she does!!).

Hope there are many more to benefit from your tours!


Lisa Frankllin 



Beijing Discovery Tours Guest Comments

July 24, 2007
Thanks for the amazing time in Beijing! You are an excellent tour guide, very knowledgeable and friendly. Plus, your English is great, which came in very helpful for me. The tour of Summer Palace was exceptional, I can't get over how beautiful the place is. When I come back to China I will definitely be booking with you again.
Thanks so much,
Michael Stokes
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada


July 24, 2007 

I just wanted to thank you for the great time that I had in Beijing, you were an excellent tour guide. The history behind the Temple of Heaven and the Forbidden City was very interesting, I was amazed at how much you knew. I'm also very impressed that you were able to learn English on your own, now only if I could do that with the Chinese language. :-) I'd definitely recommend you to anyone as a reputable tour guide. 


Leanne DeBourke
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

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