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Southeast Guizhou Province - A Tour Through Miao and Dong Chinese Minority Villages (8 days) A Beijing Discovery Tours EXCLUSIVE Tour!

Guizhou Province

If you enjoy traveling off the beaten path and can handle less than “5-star” accommodations, this trip is for you! Southeast Guizhou Province is home to the largest number of members of the Miao and Dong minority groups in China. Their unique and ancient cultures have been isolated and protected from outside influences by the tall surrounding mountains, which has allowed them to maintain distinctive cultural traditions that have existed for centuries. The surrounding mountain peaks are usually shrouded in clouds and mist that have spawned countless mysterious legends. The Miao people are known for their fondness for dancing and playing musical pipe instruments, while the Dong are known for their singing and playing of stringed musical instruments. This particular tour runs over a distance of about 933 miles (1500 km) with numerous Chinese ethnic minority groups found along the route in addition to the Miao and Dong people, such as the Buyi and many more. Along with spectacular landscapes, the unique cultures that you will come into contact with will fill this particular journey with memories and sensational photographs that will last a lifetime.

Guizhou Province Women China Guizhou Province Farms China

Our Recommended Tour:

Day 1:
Depart Beijing by train in the afternoon for an interesting, scenery-filled 25-hour train journey to Kaili, the capital of the Dong and Miao minority autonomous region in southeast Guizhou Province.

Day 2:
Arrive in the afternoon in Kaili for a warm welcoming party that will demonstrate the tremendous culture of this region as well as the true friendliness of the local people. Spend the night in a hotel in Kaili to rest up for tomorrow’s adventure.

Guizhou Province Village China Guizhou Province women

Day 3:
Kaili – Langde – Nanhua – Xijiang:  After an early morning breakfast,  set off for the village of Langde, the cultural center for the Miao minority in southeast Guizhou Province. In Langde, take part in the unique local customs such as the courteous invitation to join in the tradition of taking 12 drinks from the brilliantly-dressed Miao people along the way to a grand concert in Nanhua featuring the traditional musical reed pipes as well as the “Golden Pheasant Dance”, which has been formally recognized as a part of China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. Don’t be surprised if the friendly locals invite you into their homes for a homemade meal and a drink or two. End the night with a special traditional dance show and spend the night in Xijiang.

Guizhou Province China Guizhou Province Woman China

Day 4: Xijiang - Congjiang

Morning in the Xijiang Miao Village, renowned as the village of “a thousand households” is actually the largest Miao village in the world. The structures in the village are mainly suspended wooden multi-storied houses with the wood coming mainly from maple trees. The homes stretch out along the slopes of the hills with the deep red maple panels glowing in the golden sunset. In autumn, the red maple trees and the golden grain grown for harvesting make for some spectacular views. After a special lunch celebration (singing, dancing, still more toasts!), travel to Congjiang to spend the night.

Guizhou Province woman Guizhou Province Village China

Day 5: Congjiang - Basha - Gaozeng - Xiahuang - Zhaoxing

Possibly the best part of the journey, visit Basha, home to the “last Gunman Tribe in the world” and one of the “top ten most favorable sites for traveling for Chinese bachelors” (apparently because of the numerous beautiful single women); the village ranks fourth in China behind Lijiang, Yangsu and Dali. In this particular village, both the housing and the women’s headdresses are quite different from those of the other villages. Although it is an ancient culture, it has blended well with modern civilization and earned a designation as a “living fossil” and “museum” of the ancient Miao culture. You can still witness the rare style of cutting hair with a sickle (must be seen to be believed) as well as very special ceremonies for weddings and funerals. Get up close and personal with the Gunman Tribe and hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to witness the initiation ritual for new gunmen tribe members. A visit to this village will give you the feeling of being transported back in time 2,000 years.

After lunch, journey on to Xiaohuang, with a stop midway at Gaozeng, a place famous for its beautiful women. It is quite possible that one of them will sit directly on your lap and sing a Dong minority traditional song; this village has a reputation as a “truly magical and idyllic place”. Emerald green mountains surround the village and a photogenic creek runs right through the village. Nestled amongst the flowing waters and green-covered hills, hundreds of suspended, multi-storied wooden houses add to the ambiance of the village and your unique experience. Upon arrival in Xiaohuang, you’ll have the opportunity to continue to enjoy the traditional Dong minority dancing and singing with yet another celebration in Zhaoxing, where you will spend the night.

Guizhou Province Women China Guizhou Province Women China

Day 6: Zhaoxing - Tang’an - Zhaoxing

A full day to explore the ethnic minority villages of Tang’an and Zhaoxing will give you the opportunity to observe their unique cultures firsthand. Zhaoxing is one of the largest Dong minority villages in China and it is known as one of the most beautiful villages in the country. It already enjoys a substantial reputation among European travelers, and foreigners here may find a sense of tenderness and romance in the combination of the ancient traditions and the modern world. Mornings are particularly beautiful in Zhaoxing, and you will have time to wander about and relax in the peaceful small villages. The Drum Towers, a typical feature of the Dong minority architectural design, are definitely worth seeing. There are a few cozy bars along Zhaoxing’s main street, where you can relax with a drink or two before spending the night again in Zhaoxing.

Guizhou Province village Guizhou Province woman

Day 7: Zhaoxing - Duyun

Travel to the village of Duyun. For tea lovers, excellent grades of tea are available here, with one of the top ten nationally-known Chinese tea products “Duyun Maojian Tea” found here. Spend the night in Duyun.

Day 8: Travel to Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, to catch the afternoon flight back to Beijing.

Tour Price:
Around 7500 CNY / US$1254 per person for an 8-day tour based on a group of at least 5 people, discounts for larger groups or moderately higher for 1- 4 people. Includes all meals, entrance tickets, shows, transportation and accommodations. Please contact us or e-mail us directly at for a complete quote and scheduling.  

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