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Beijing Tour

Terracotta Warriors Tours: One day trips are now available from Beijing to Xi’an and Shanghai to Xi’an!

Beijing Terracotta Army Tour

Great Wall of China Tours
Great Wall Tour


We offer tours to other cities throughout China - please contact us for a customized tour itinerary:
Beijing - Xi'an Tour
Tianjin  & Xingang Dalian - Qingdao
Shaolin Temple
Yangtze River Cruise

Beijing Event Planning

Beijing Event Planning - we also offer superior conference, seminar, school and exhibition event planning services at reasonable prices.

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Private large group tours are available. Bring your group or organization to tour Beijing and China - contact us for great prices on group travel and hotels!

Please e-mail us or use our easy contact form.

China Adventure Tours

Beijing Discovery Tours is not limited only to Beijing; we have partners and friends throughout China that can take you where you want to go in the world’s third largest country! We currently offer exclusive tours to the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Region in Gansu Province, Southeast Guizhou Province, and the Giant Panda Research and Breeding Reserve - Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Region in Sichuan. We are currently working hard on exclusive tours to areas that are otherwise inaccessible to foreigners, details coming soon! Contact us with your requests, questions or comments about travel in China, or e-mail us directly at

Gansu - Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Region

Guizhou - Kaili City, Dong and Miao Minority Autonomous Region

Sichuan - Giant Panda Research and Breeding Reserve - Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Region

Sichuan - Dujiangyan (Note: tourism has begun again in this region despite the tremendous damage from the tragic earthquake of May 12, 2008. Please contact us for the latest tour information for this area - your tourism dollars can help Dujiangyan and Sichuan in its recovery!)

Giant Panda Reserve Sichuan Province China Labrang Temple Gansu Province Guizhou Province China
Beijing Discovery Tours water
Beijing Discovery Tours

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