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Terracotta Warriors Tours: One day trips are now available from Beijing to Xi’an and Shanghai to Xi’an!

Beijing Terracotta Army Tour

Great Wall of China Tours
Great Wall Tour


We offer tours to other cities throughout China - please contact us for a customized tour itinerary:
Beijing - Xi'an Tour
Tianjin  & Xingang Dalian - Qingdao
Shaolin Temple
Yangtze River Cruise

Beijing Event Planning

Beijing Event Planning - we also offer superior conference, seminar, school and exhibition event planning services at reasonable prices.

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Private large group tours are available. Bring your group or organization to tour Beijing and China - contact us for great prices on group travel and hotels!


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Beijing China Tiananmen Square Night Beijing Tours

Beijing is one of the most dynamic and interesting cities in the world by any standards. Host city for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, Beijing has undergone an unprecedented and amazing transformation over the past few years, with ancient landmarks now sitting side-by-side with the most modern architecture found anywhere in the world. From the Bird’s Nest to the Water Cube and the new CCTV Tower, Beijing is filled with incredible new buildings in addition to its ancient UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Located in the heart of the Beijing Central Business Beijing China Tours Guo Mao at NightDistrict (CBD), Beijing Discovery Tours has the localized knowledge to make sure that you see the best that incredible Beijing has to offer, from the Forbidden City and the Great Wall to lesser-known but equally historic temples and other important cultural landmarks. Contact us with your questions or comments, and we will do our best to ensure that you have a great time when you visit the ancient yet modern capital of  China, whether by day or by night! These are only sample tours and activities for your reference, you can choose these tours, tailor your own according to your own schedule, or let us recommend a tour schedule for you that fits your time and what you want to see.

For some sample tour ideas, please check these web pages:
Beijing One Day and Half-Day Tours
Beijing Multiple Day Tours
or we can put together a customized tour for you. Below are a few sites and activities for your time in Beijing:

Bird’s Nest, Water Cube & Olympic Park Tours  - Beijing Hutong Tours  - Beijing Antiques Tours & Shopping Beijing Acrobatics Show  - Legend of Kung Fu Show  - Peking Opera Show  -  Beijing Night Show
Beijing Evening and Night Tours

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Bird’s Nest, Water Cube and Olympic Park Tours

The Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games were spectacularly successful, and the incredible Olympic architecture can now be seen from the inside with our Bird’s Nest tour, Water Cube tour and Olympic Park tours. Visit the Olympic Green and get a firsthand view of the enormous size of the Bird’s Nest and the alien looking Water Cube from both the outside and the inside. The inside of these venues are open for a limited time only before being closed for reconstruction, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to see the 2008 Summer Olympic venues.

Water Cube Tour National Aquatics Center Beijing China 2   Birds Nest National Olympic Stadium Beijing China 4

Cost: 1 person: 930 CNY / US$152; 2 people: 765 CNY / US$125 per person; 3 - 5 people: 510 CNY / US$84 per person; 6 - 9 people: 415 CNY / US$68 per person; 10+ people: 330 CNY / US$54 per person.
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Beijing China Tours Hutong Rickshaw TourBeijing Hutong Tours

Hutongs are the rapidly disappearing alleyways that native Beijing people have called home for centuries. Winding and maze-like, these parts of ancient Beijing are disappearing daily - tour them while you still can! The tour includes a rickshawBeijing China Drum Tower (pedicab) ride through some of the most interesting hutongs still standing, a visit to the historic Drum Tower, and having a cup of tea while visiting with a local hutong family in their hutong home. Day or evening tours are available.

Cost: 325 CNY / US$54 per person

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Beijing Antiques Tours and Shopping

Beijing China Tours Antiques MarketBeijing is world-famous for its enormous antique markets, where you can find genuine Ming and Qing dynasty antiques or replicas that look every bit as good as the real thing at a fraction of the price. Let our tour guide take you to the best antique markets in the capital city to find those special antiques that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The biggest and best markets are only open on weekends on Saturday and Sunday, but excellent antique markets can be found any day of the week. Be prepared to bargain hard and do not be fooled by what certainly look like real antiques.                                                        [Back to top of page]


Beijing Acrobatics, Legend of Kung Fu and Peking Opera Shows

Whether it is Acrobatics, Kung Fu or Peking Opera, nowhere in the world will you see better performances than in their native homeland of China. These reasonably priced shows are well worth your time while you are visiting and make a nice end to a day of touring around the city. If you can choose only one, you can’t go wrong with the Acrobatics show.

Beijing Acrobatics Show
You may have seen something similar on television but the live show is truly a spectacle to behold. Incredible feats of balance and body control, plate spinning, etc.- this show has it all. The best performers from all over China have trained for years for these spectacular performances in the capital city.
Beijing China Tours Acrobatics ShowBeijing China Tours Acrobatics Show Beijing China Tours Acrobatics Show Beijing China Tours Acrobatics Show

Beijing China Tours Kung Fu ShowThe Legend of Kung Fu Show
Part theatrical play and part Kung Fu (Gong Fu) exhibition, this show follows the life of a young boy as he becomes a Kung Fu master by deftly blending together a storyline with an exhibition of some incredible Kung Fu performances. China is where Kung Fu began, so what better place to witness firsthand some of its finest practitioners in the world? Boys are trained from an early age and raised throughout their lives with a focus on the skills and the lifestyle of Kung Fu and the martial arts, with the best performers specially selected for this show in Beijing. 


Peking Opera
Although for some ears Peking Opera may be unpleasant and for non-Mandarin Chinese speakers the story may be hard to follow, there is no denying that Peking Opera is a spectacle to behold. Peking Opera is widely considered to be one of China’s priceless national treasures. Fascinatingly ornate costumes are created using another ancient Chinese art form, painstakingly embroidered and brocaded silk fabrics, combined with elaborate face-painting techniques, truly make Peking Opera worth a visit in the city that made the art famous around the world.

Cost for each show: Super Deluxe Ticket: 680 CNY / US$114 per person; Deluxe Ticket: 380 - 480 CNY / US$64 - $80 per person; Business (Center) Seat: 280 CNY / US$47 per person; Regular Economy Seat: 180 CNY / US$30 per person.
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Beijing Night Show
The Beijing Night Show, with 65 meticulously drilled and elaborately costumed dancers, condenses around 2,000 years of Chinese history into a 90-minute extravaganza on the stage with brilliantly designed backdrops and fantastic choreography. The show combines the best of Chinese Opera and Dance, acrobatics and Kung Fu to vividly illustrate the amazing history of China.
Beijing China Tours Beijing Night ShowBeijing China Tours Beijing Night Show Beijing China Tours Beijing Night Show  
Cost: Economy Ticket: 280 CNY / US$47 per person; Business Ticket: 380 CNY / US$64 per person; Deluxe Ticket: 580 CNY / US$97; VIP Ticket: 680 CNY / US$114 per person.
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Beijing Evening and Night Tours

Beijing is a beautiful city at night with an endless variety of things to do, and Beijing Discovery Tours can help you experience it all. Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

Beijing China Tours Wangfujing Night Food MarketWangfujing Shopping Street and Night Food Market

Some of the food available must be seen to be believed. Several types of “food that you might see include scorpions, crickets, grasshoppers, cocoons, baby birds, starfish, dog testicles, goat penis, etc. - all available on a stick for eating - if you have got the stomach for it you can try it, but it is also ok just to take a look. Chicken, beef and mutton are also available for those with more traditional tastes in food.


Beijing China Tours Peking DuckBeijing (Peking) Roast Duck Restaurants

Try the world-famous Peking Duck where it was first invented. A delicious meal of Peking Duck includes the various small dishes, wrappers and sauces that make the Beijing Roast dinner mandatory eating for at least one meal while you are in Beijing. We have found a great little local, non-touristy restaurant that is off-the-beaten-path that makes for a unique experience while in Beijing.


Beijing China Tours Houhai Bar StreetHouhai Lake Bar District

Scores of bars located alongside a historic imperial lake, beautiful at night and packed on the weekends. The ancient hutongs (alleyways) bordering and around the lake have been turned into countless bars and small, interesting restaurants featuring every type of food and drink that you can imagine. A lot of fun just to wander around to have a look, or park yourself at a rooftop bar during warm weather for some of the finest people-watching available in Beijing.

Beijing China Tours Sanlitun Bar StreetSanlitun Bar District

A fun, busy and internationally famous bar street lined with trees that is nice in the daytime and endlessly entertaining at night with many bars and some interesting restaurants. You can sit outside in warmer weather or pack inside to watch live music when it is cold or raining outside.
Cost: Personal Tour Guide 500 CNY / US$84
Private Car for the evening (1-3 persons with no tour guide): 600 CNY / US$100
Larger vehicles are also available for larger groups.

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Beijing Discovery Tours


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