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Beijing Tour

Terracotta Warriors Tours: One day trips are now available from Beijing to Xi’an and Shanghai to Xi’an!

Beijing Terracotta Army Tour

Great Wall of China Tours
Great Wall Tour


We offer tours to other cities throughout China - please contact us for a customized tour itinerary:
Beijing - Xi'an Tour
Tianjin  & Xingang Dalian - Qingdao
Shaolin Temple
Yangtze River Cruise

Beijing Event Planning

Beijing Event Planning - we also offer superior conference, seminar, school and exhibition event planning services at reasonable prices.

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Private large group tours are available. Bring your group or organization to tour Beijing and China - contact us for great prices on group travel and hotels!

Please e-mail us or use our easy contact form.

Beijing Event Planning - Business, Corporate, School and University Events in Beijing

Beijing Event Management Solutions for Special Events - Conferences and Seminars - Weddings - Catering - Hospitality Services

In addition to our outstanding tour services, we have also leveraged our tour and hospitality experience into professional business event planning and corporate, school, and university event services in Beijing. We offer complete package services for your events, meetings, incentive and reward travel, exhibitions, seminars and trade shows with superior and dependable quality services at reasonable prices. If your business, corporation, school or university needs assistance with any type of event services in Beijing, we have the solutions for you right here!

Here are just a few examples of the types of Beijing event planning services that we can provide:

For more information or booking, please use our contact us form or e-mail us at


Professional Conference, Meeting and Seminar PlanningBeijing Professional Meeting, Conference and Seminar Planning

From the world’s largest corporations to smaller enterprises that still need to put on impressive events, we can help with planning all types of organizational conferences, annual meetings and seminars. Our professional planning staff can put together events for all types of budgets, from transportation from and to the airport to food catering to banner printing and all of the necessary services in between. For all of your Beijing conference, meeting and seminar planning needs, please contact us at via our contact us form or e-mail us at


Corporate, University and Organization Events - Large or Small Scale

China’s unprecedented growth over the past twenty years has placed Beijing squarely at the center of some of the most important happenings in the world’s economic, political and educational realms. World-class facilities now exist for hosting massive events such as the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and of course smaller scale corporate, university and other types of organization events as well. Although another Olympics might be a bit much for us to handle, we can certainly handle other organization events of all types - from incentive travel rewards to new product launches.
For all of your Beijing corporate, university and organization event needs, please contact us at via our contact us form or e-mail us at   
Beijing Porsche Corporate EventBeijing Corporate University and Organization EventsBeijing Chrysler Dodge Corporate Event


Business, School and Organization Car, Van, Minibus and Bus Rental and Driver Hire

Beijing’s traffic can be horrendous and taxis can be too small and/or undependable - we can solve your transportation problems with high-quality vehicles and professional drivers that will get you to and from your destinations safely and in style. For all of your Beijing car, van, minibus and bus rental and professional driver hire needs, please contact us at via our contact us form or e-mail us at   
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Beijing Olympic Fine Arts Launch 2008Professional Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

As arguably the most important hub for business in Asia, and in many cases, for the world, Beijing is fast becoming the go-to place for product launches and professional exhibitions of all types, and these types of events are sometimes rare enough that news and media organizations  still pick up on these as newsworthy events. Trade fairs are held often in Beijing, offering a great opportunity to put your product or service in front of more than one billion potential customers. Beijing is the gateway to China business, and we can help you arrange your professional exhibition or trade fair with dependable and ethical services at reasonable prices. Please contact us via our contact us form or e-mail us at for more information.


Corporate, School and Organization Banquets

Professional and reliable catering services can make all of the difference between an event being a huge success or a total disaster. We can offer dependable services at reasonable prices that will make your next corporate, school or other organization’s next banquet an event to remember for all of the right reasons. Please contact us via our contact us form or e-mail us at for a quotation on your corporate, school or other organization’s banquet needs.
Beijing Corporate Banquets
 Beijing School Banquets


China Business Tours and Factory Inspection Tours

China Factory Inspection Tour
It is difficult to overstate China’s importance in the world of business since it has risen to prominence through its incredible development over the past few decades. As any good business person knows though, it is necessary to visit with manufacturers and suppliers to make sure that the organizations that you are dealing with are worthy of your business, and that they follow ethical and humane business practices. We can help you with your China business tour and China factory inspection tour by providing you with complete tour services, from professional translators to all transportation needs in China as well as accommodations and business contact information. Please contact us via our contact us form or e-mail us at for your China business tour and factory inspection needs.  


School, University and Educational Organization Tours of ChinaUSA Shaolin Temple Tour

At Beijing Discovery Tours, we have been fortunate enough to have worked with many schools and universities in providing high-quality tour services for hundreds of students, including setting up meetings that allow Chinese students and their Western counterparts to get together for fun and educational events, creating friendships that will last a lifetime. If your school, university or other educational organization is considering a trip to China for your students, we are here to help! From single city tours to multiple destinations in China, we can handle all transportation, accommodations and school contact details for your group. Please contact us via our contact us form or e-mail us at for more information.


Wedding Event Planning and Catering - Marriage Proposal Planning

St. Josephs Church Wangfujing BeijingFrom the initial marriage proposal to the big wedding event itself and the honeymoon trip in China afterward, we can make all of the arrangements for the most romantic and unforgettable moments of a lifetime.

Marriage Proposals: Our most popular venue for marriage proposals is the Great Wall of China - imagine asking “Will you marry me?” on top of one of the world’s most famous symbols of long-lasting commitment and endurance, surrounded by flowers, champagne and a string quartet if you would like. We can make it happen!

Weddings: With such a long and storied history, there is no shortage of unforgettable places for wedding ceremonies in Beijing. From the historic St. Joseph’s Church on Wangfujing (first built in 1655 with the current structure dating from 1904) to the Great Wall of China, Beijing abounds in fantastic places for incredible wedding photos & videos and the actual wedding ceremonies themselves. Our wedding planning specialists and professional photographers / videographers can set up a wedding event with fantastic memories that will last a lifetime. For all of your Beijing wedding planning needs, please contact us at via our contact us form or e-mail us at

Beijing Wedding Catering ArchBeijing Event Catering StaffBeijing Event Catering

Beijing Events Planning TempleBeijing Events PlanningBeijing Events Planning and Catering

Beijing Discovery Tours


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