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Beijing Tour

Terracotta Warriors Tours: One day trips are now available from Beijing to Xi’an and Shanghai to Xi’an!

Beijing Terracotta Army Tour

Great Wall of China Tours
Great Wall Tour


We offer tours to other cities throughout China - please contact us for a customized tour itinerary:
Beijing - Xi'an Tour
Tianjin  & Xingang Dalian - Qingdao
Shaolin Temple
Yangtze River Cruise

Beijing Event Planning

Beijing Event Planning - we also offer superior conference, seminar, school and exhibition event planning services at reasonable prices.

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Private large group tours are available. Bring your group or organization to tour Beijing and China - contact us for great prices on group travel and hotels!

Please e-mail us or use our easy contact form.

About Us

Beijing Discovery Tours:

The key to our success lies in the satisfaction of our customers; if you come to Beijing and have a great time with us, you will probably tell others, and hopefully you will tell them about Beijing Discovery Tours. Flexibility is one of our main attributes; although we can certainly provide you with a set itinerary, there is nothing wrong with hiring our tour guide, a car and a driver, getting up in the morning and doing whatever you feel like doing that day. We are dedicated to providing you with outstanding tour guides, clean, comfortable vehicles and knowledgeable drivers to take you throughout Greater Beijing and beyond with strong ethical business practices and a view toward customer satisfaction. Honesty and integrity are key attributes that we look for in our employees as well as a strong ability to ensure that you have the best experience possible during your visit to Beijing. We hope that your first visit to Beijing with us will not be your last! If you have any questions about us or about Beijing Discovery Tours, please use our contact form or e-mail us directly at

Company History:

The two main partners in Beijing Discovery Tours met in 2001 in Beijing while Oklahoma, U.S.A.-native Jeff was teaching Marketing classes for a British university and its MBA program and Beijing-native Andy was studying English at a school located on the same campus. Among his other work experiences, by working with several five-star hotels as a manager, Andy gained extensive experience in the hospitality/tourism industry and earned his English tour guide license from the China National Tourism Administration. Jeff continued teaching MBA classes in Beijing and traveling fairly extensively throughout China during school breaks, as well as working in business development and consulting work in China. With Andy and his extensive knowledge of hospitality and tourism for foreign travelers to China and Jeff and his knowledge of international business and the needs of foreign visitors to  China, along with the explosion of demand in the need for ethical tour guide services in Beijing, it was a logical decision to open a company to provide such services with honesty and integrity. Beijing Discovery Tours provides outstanding services to tourists throughout Greater Beijing as well with travel arrangements to other cities in China, particularly with our listed tours of southwest China, and coming soon, EXCLUSIVE TOURS that no other company can offer. We are dedicated to helping foreign visitors have a great time in China through Beijing Discovery Tours, the company that gives us the opportunity to do what we love to do while helping other people enjoy our home country. If you have any questions about us or about Beijing Discovery Tours, please use our contact form or e-mail us directly at Click here to see a copy of our Oklahoma U.S.A. business registration. Beijing Discovery Tours is a subsidiary of Integrity Business Development Group LLC.

You can follow along with what we currently have going on through Twitter at

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Beijing Discovery Tours

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